Take Care of Your Skin, Your Body’s Largest Part, Says Massage Envy

Dallas, TX–Your skin is the largest single part of your body, so it makes sense to keep it clean, moist and healthy.

“Massage promotes skin health by improving blood circulation and removing toxins,” said CG Funk, vice president of industry relations and product development for Massage Envy Limited, the leading provider of massage therapy in the U.S.

That rosy, warm look and feel you get after a massage is a sign of improved blood flow, which brings nutrients and carries away waste products. The stress-relief benefits of massage also can show on your skin.

You can also put your best face forward with this summer skin routine:

1. Keep It Clean. Start with a cleaning routine. Summer’s more humid air helps skin stay hydrated. But with the weather, skin can switch over from dry to oily. Lighter liquid cleansers are better in summer. Summer’s heat can lead to perspiration. Sweat contains proteins that need to be washed away so they don’t clog your pores. A mild exfoliant is okay, but stay away from cleansers that are too abrasive.

2. Keep It Moist. Showering can dry out your skin, but applying moisturizer right out of the shower or bath helps to lock in water molecules. For super-soft skin, many people find that the oils and lotions used during regular massage leave their skin feeling well hydrated all over.

3. Keep It Fresh. To keep your skin looking fresh and clear, alpha hydroxyl creams and lotions or retinol creams can help exfoliate the skin and clean out the pores. Because these products remove the outer layer of skin, they make you more sensitive to the sun, so protect yourself from those rays.

4. Keep It Safe. The sun’s rays are strongest in summer. Sun protection is very important. Use a broad-spectrum, SPF [sun protection factor] 15 or greater sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen is a third line of defense— first is staying indoors when the sun is at its strongest, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and then using clothing and hats to block the rays.

Massage Envy states the long term effects of massage therapy are much more than just skin deep. Better circulation is part of the chain reaction that happens in the body as a result of receiving massage therapy on a regular basis.

Improved circulation is just one more benefit of massage therapy. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, massage can be the key to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Improved Circulation Benefits include:
• Enhances blood flow
• Moves waste away from muscles and internal organs
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves body function

At Massage Envy, an introductory one-hour massage session (a 50-minute massage and time for consultation and dressing) is just $39. Memberships are available for $49 per month and include a one-hour massage session. Members can also enjoy unlimited additional one-hour massage sessions at the $39 member rate.

For more information, log on to www.MassageEnvy.com to find the nearest Massage Envy clinic. There are 25 locations in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Massage Envy Limited, LLC is a national franchise of massage therapy clinics dedicated to providing professional and affordable therapeutic massage services to consumers with busy lifestyles at convenient times and locations. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy has opened 500 clinics in 38 states in just over five years, with 300 more franchises currently under development from coast to coast and 25 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. For more information about Massage Envy, visit the website at www.MassageEnvy.com. *Not all types of massage available at all clinics.