As the number of franchised massage locations grows, another company has tossed its hat into the national franchise ring.

Massage Luxe announced on Dec. 29 that it will expand nationally, according to an article published on the website of Looking Fit.

The company is owned by Todd Beckman, who started The St. Louis Tan Company, now a national franchise, in 1994.

“According to Beckman, the company recently signed a 22-location agreement in St. Louis; an 11-store agreement in Memphis, Tenn.; a 22-store agreement in North and South Carolina; a 22-store agreement in Chicago; and a 33-store agreement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” the Looking Fit article noted. “One developer has also purchased the rights for 22 locations in Kansas City, Mo., for both MassageLuxe and The Tan Company—the largest dual-concept deal in either company’s history.”