Franklin Method Releases Fascia Massage Tool, MASSAGE MagazineNew from the Franklin Method® are Franklin Fascia Massagers, self-care tools that stand out from the self-massage crowd with their unique spikey exteriors.

While rolling a Fascia Massager across your body, the spikes stimulate sensory receptors and increase circulation, while the kneading motion massages away tension and mobilizes connective tissue. Use Fascia Massagers for tactile and imagery exercises to rediscover how your muscles work together and restore natural movement.

Franklin Fascia Massagers are available in two styles: Peanut and Oval. The Peanut offers an organic profile that contours to the body; it’s ideal for foot massage, along the calf or anywhere on the body. The smaller Oval is the perfect massage tool for hands, forearms, neck or feet. All Franklin Fascia Massagers are phthalate-free.

Franklin Fascia Massagers are available exclusively from OPTP. Visit or call (800) 367-7393.