Horse owners as well as individuals in the equine industry give this equine anatomy course a “thumbs up.” Registrants from all over the world are enjoying the opportunity to participate in the course which covers veterinary terminology as well as the equine skeleton and muscles.

A collaboration of professional medical illustrators and photographers support the material presented and make the topic easy to follow. The course was created by Equinology’s CEO Debranne Pattillo who has offered equine anatomy and massage courses internationally for over 15 years. She is the author and chief instructor for Equinology’s signature course: Equine Body Worker Certification Course (massage).

Debranne Pattillo states, “One of our first goals was to attract horse owners who wish to know more about their horse offering a higher level of comprehensive participation in all aspects of their animal’s care. We also wanted to draw those considering studying any topic in the equine health care and science. Finally, we are continuously raising the bar for education and we want the public to be aware that this type information should be part of any serious course of training such as equine massage, biomechanics, saddle fit, farrier science and various modalities. Anybody on their team offering services to their horse should be versed in the subject matter so they can talk to other team members.”

Course participants can communicate and ask questions via a group forum. The course manual is sent via the internet so students have the option of viewing it on the computer or printing it out. This is a self paced course allowing individuals to complete it in any time frame from home.

Additionally the course offers 50 Continuing Education Hours for members of the National Certificate Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) which an association for licensed human massage therapists.

Read about the comments from current participants:

“I am SO excited about this class – it is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

“Thank you for this course, it is very informative and I am enjoying it! The great part being I have convinced my college to give me elective credit for this class. Yaaaay. It is not often that I have actually gotten credit for my horse passion.”

“In reviewing the material presented I am even more excited! What a FABULOUS course!”

“Good luck to everyone with your studies and thank you to all those responsible for the brilliant course notes which are much appreciated.”

“I’m very excited about the course, although a little in awe of the quality and quantity of the materials!”

Registration is done online by going to: or by visiting the Equinology website and clicking on to EQ50 under the courses offered list.
Questions about this course can be answered by writing the Equinology office at: or calling 707 884-9963 M-F, 9am to 1pm.

A video is up on palpating surface anatomy which is available to everyone at This will take you to the Equinology Channel. (By the way, there is no audio for the video). Please feel free to pass on the Equinology Channel link to friends! Equinology plans to have other videos on stretching up by the end of the summer which were professional filmed on the Equinology channel at YouTube.
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