The new ordinance in Los Gatos requires that massage therapists have 300 hours of documented massage course work over 2007. This was a major problem for many therapists as most did not have the extra time or money to spend on classes in order to make the mark.

Private massage classes tend to be very expensive and were not a practical or affordable option for many of the long standing private practices in the area. The West Valley College Training Source teamed up with Los Gatos therapists and the Silicon Valley Massage Therapy Advocates to get a grant from the California Community College Chancellors Office in the spring of 2008.

This grant went toward relieving the problems of those therapists in Los Gatos that were concerned they would not be able to afford the required classes. The classes took place for 11 consecutive Mondays in the fall of 2008 and provided 20 massage therapists with the hours needed to complete their requirements. Another series of 11 classes will begin in February.

Practicing massage therapists interested in more information can contact Frank Kobayashi at (408) 879-1801 or