Erik Dalton, New DVD Set, MASSAGE Magazine Press ReleaseVolume 4: Myoskeletal Alignment for Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain

  • – Myoskeletal Mechanic
  • – Fixing Kinetic Kinks
  • – Bone & Belly Work
  • – Sacroiliac Syndromes
  • – Toning the Core & Pelvic Floor
  • – Unlocking Lumbars


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Myoskeletal Alignment is a respected multimodality pain management system designed to alleviate reflex muscle guarding caused by joint blockage. This is accomplished through restoration of proper neural, myofascial and skeletal function. The myoskeletal goal is to establish pain-free movement during the walking cycle.

“I’m honored to present this six volume ‘Spinal Engine’ video series based on ground breaking research developed by my friend, Dr. Serge Gracovetsky,” said Erik Dalton, Executive Director of the Freedom From Pain Institute. “His discovery that the spine is the engine driving the legs has dramatically altered my view of body movement and opened exciting new clinical avenues for assessing and treating chronic pain syndromes.”

In regards to the release of this new DVD collection, Dalton said, “I wish to thank those who dedicated the past year to this project, and hope you will enjoy our efforts.”

What the industry is saying about Volume 4 Myoskeletal Alignment for Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain:

“Every new project Erik Dalton undertakes adds a layer of depth to his previous work. Even if you have his other videos, this latest, elaborately produced addition adds yet another layer of understanding coupled with many new strategies and tools to enhance the therapeutic effectiveness of any therapist.”
–Art Riggs, author of Deep Tissue Massage

“Every puzzle has its pieces and these elaborately produce videos put them together in both style and substance.”
–Jeff Blatt, founder of Sports Therapy Rehabilitation Center, NY

“This impressive video collection takes you to the heart of many chronic pain conditions. A perfect addition to any sports medicine, structural integration, physical therapy, personal training or bodywork practice.”
–Darren Allen, PT, ATC, LMT, Los Angeles

“Erik Dalton’s videos always offer value for money for the working therapist… well produced, clear, down-to-earth… and best of all the techniques are always placed in an integrated context so that, as he says, you don’t get stuck ‘chasing the pain’.”
–Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains

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