Middlebury, Vermont (September 21, 2010) – Vermont Soap is pleased to offer health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers an all-natural air freshener alternative that is healthier for them and the environment. Scented with natural essential oils instead of chemical fragrances and propellants like most air-care products on the market, the new Aromatherapy Air Fresheners from Vermont Soap are safe and nontoxic. They can be sprayed directly into the air, on skin, fine linens and other fabrics and all water safe surfaces to freshen and revitalize personal space at home, school, work, in cars and any other environment that could use a pleasant and uplifting scent.

Like all of the products from Vermont Soap, the new Aromatherapy Air Fresheners are free of artificial colors and fragrances, chemical preservatives and animal by-products. They are also not tested on animals. Artificial fragrances in some deodorizing products on the market can cause nausea, headaches, irritated skin, respiratory reactions and other allergic conditions. The new natural air fresheners from Vermont Soap contain only pure essential oil aromas that provide aromatherapy benefits for the mind, but don’t irritate the skin or nose. 

“If you’re like many of us here at Vermont Soap, the smell of cheap grocery store ‘freshener’ sprays can set off sneezing, trouble breathing and even dizziness and nausea,” says Larry Plesent, founder of Vermont Soap. “Because our Aromatherapy Air Fresheners are scented with natural essential oils, you will notice the difference,” adds Plesent. 

The Aromatherapy Air Fresheners are offered in three pleasant aromatherapy scents to induce different moods: Country Lavender, Lemongrass Zen and Peppermint Magic. Lavender has a calming aroma that helps relieve stress and nervous tension. Lemongrass Zen is a cheerful scent that helps relax and balance the spirit, and Peppermint is clarifying and stimulating. 

They are sold in an 8-ounce reusable spray bottle for a suggested retail price of $8.75. For a limited time, Vermont Soap is offering a special introductory price of just $7, a 20 percent discount through their online store. A 16-ounce refill size is also sold for a suggested retail price of $9.89.

About Vermont Soapworks

Larry Plesent started Vermont Soap in 1992 after experiencing severe skin problems from the cleaning chemicals used by his window washing company. He began researching healthy alternatives for himself and the many people like him that are sensitive to detergents and other synthetic ingredients. Vermont Soap has grown from a two-person operation in 1992 to become the largest manufacturer of handmade organic bar soap in North America. “As an organic soap company, we see ourselves as molecule herders, rather than molecule torturers,” says Plesent. “Our job is to help the molecules follow their nature, and that is what makes us a different kind of company.”

Vermont Soap operates a Discount Factory Outlet Store and Antique Soap Museum that offers factory tours and demonstrations. Their products can be purchased at thousands of health food, gourmet and specialty stores and at www.vermontsoap.com. For more, visit the website or call (866) SOAP-4U2.