To maximize the full intended benefit of any vitamin, supplement, or medication regimen, it is crucial to ensure correct dosage at the right time. A recent study conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements revealed that over 50% of Americans take some sort of multivitamin or nutritional supplement daily. Further studies show that 20% to 80% of patients make errors in taking medication, and that 20% to 60% stop taking their medication before being instructed to do so by a medical professional.

What would help ensure the correct dosage at the right time? Research published in the October 1, 2007 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases indicates that pill organizers are easy, successful, and cost-effective tools to meaningfully improve dosage compliance by organizing how people take medication. But so many pill organizers are too small to hold the daily intake of vitamins or medication, making a consumer™s daily regimen both complicated and unreliable “ until now!

In 2001, Marnie Perri, a 12-year veteran of the health and fitness industry, was shocked to learn that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the aftermath of which left her with the need for daily intakes of medication, vitamins, and supplements to sustain her total wellness. She quickly grew frustrated with the bulky bottles and complexity of tracking the pills (dosage, frequency, etc.), especially when she left home … which led Marnie to create the Wellness Travel Pak.

The Wellness Travel Pak is a soft, stylish, leather-like replacement of the pill box, offering benefits that greatly exceed its predecessor. Its contemporary design, which is both fashionable and sporty, promotes a positive image of wellness while organizing up to two weeks of vitamins, supplements, and medications, regardless of tablet, powder, or pill size, according to Perri.

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