In today’s unstable economy, it’s tempting to cut back on beauty care. For women who are looking for a way to incorporate little pleasures like facials into a limited budget, check out the Skincare-News guide to the newest way to pamper the skin without spending a lot of money.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) May 11, 2009 — Facials improve the skin’s health and appearance. They’re typically performed by trained estheticians at a spa or salon and cost anywhere from $55 on up to several hundred dollars–but by shopping wisely, women can now reap the rewards of a facial without overspending.’s latest article, “Frugal Facials: Money-Saving Tips ” provides a great guide to budget facials.

What exactly is a facial? While there are numerous varieties, most facials include these crucial components: cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliating, blackhead extraction, facial massage, facial mask, toners and creams and product recommendations.

Beware the up-sell
At its core, a facial should leave your skin clean and refreshed. At upscale spas, facials can include a buffet of quirky add-ons, from oxygen facials to caviar. Not all of these extras are as good as people claim, however. To save money, pass on the oxygen, as well as treatments containing gold or diamonds. It’s also good to be wary of the skin analysis and price. While it’s important to know things like skin types and which products are available, these tips are usually paired with a product pitch. Always have a plan and a budget in mind to avoid spending more money than is needed.

Bargains in unexpected places

Coupons and special deals: Browse through newspapers, the Internet and inserts in credit card bills. Also, many salons offer two-for-one promotions or discount nights.

Bartering: Offer to trade a skill or service you could swap with a salon owner, such as Web design or childcare.
Off the beaten path: The New York Times dished recently on how budget salons are blossoming in warehouses and less-trendy neighborhoods. But don’t go in blind. Make sure the esthetician is trained and has references.

Party time: Some cosmetics or home product companies offer a chance to host a free spa party at home, in hopes of selling products to a woman’s friends. This can be a great path to pampering, but again, the up-sell is the downside.

Beauty school drop-in
The best bargain with the least chance of a product pitch? A local cosmetology program. Students are trained and supervised, and prices are cheap: According to MSNBC, you can find facials that are more than half off the price that most salons charge.

There’s no place like home
The final option: A DIY facial. Most people have a variety of useful ingredient already in their kitchen. HealthCentral has a list of foods that can pinch-hit for the pricier parts of a facial:

Mashed fruit for cleansing
Milk to exfoliate
Cucumber and oil for acne
Honey and oil for a facial mask

Shop and save
No time to make products or don’t like to mix food and beauty? Shop for a ready-made facial for at-home use. The cost is spread out over the number of times the product is used. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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