From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “FSMTA Awards LMT of the Year,” , in the September 2009 issue. Article summary: The Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) named Deborah McConnell, a massage therapist in Sanibel Island, Florida, State LMT of the Year during the FSMTA’s annual conference held in Orlando, Florida in July.

Following is a complete list of award winners at this year’s FSMTA Conference:

Maureen Gilbert and Deborah McConnell, MASSAGE MagazineState LMT of the Year: Deborah McConnell
This award honors outstanding service, achievement and participation impacting the FSMTA and/or the massage therapy profession statewide.



Lynda Solien-Wolfe and Maureen Gilbert, MASSAGE MagazineCharles Canfield Award: Lynda Solien-Wolfe
This award is given to a current or previous member of the Board of Massage Therapy, honoring long-term, consistent outstanding service, achievement or participation in service of the massage profession in Florida.




State Outstanding State Service Awards: Vivian Madison-Mahoney, Marion Padgett and Sharon Zack

This award honors outstanding state service, achievement or participation in the FSMTA or massage profession. Up to three awards can be given.

Marion Padgett and Maureen Gilbert, MASSAGE Magazine





Sharon Zack and Maureen Gilbert, MASSAGE Magazine





Vivian Madison-Mahoney and Maureen Gilbert, MASSAGE Magazine






Central Florida Sports Team, MASSAGE MagazineState Sports Team of the Year: Central Florida Chapter
This award honors achievement, performance and contribution to sports massage and commitment to FSMTA team efforts.




 Lee Thompson and Teresa Matthews, MASSAGE Magazine State Sports Massage Therapist of the Year: Teresa Matthews
This award honors an outstanding FSMTA sports massage therapist who has demonstrated a real commitment to sports massage.