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This market report summarizes the results of HTStec™s second global pharma and biotech web-based benchmarking survey on compound management carried out in January 2008.

The study was initiated to gain a better awareness of the metrics behind current and future compound management (CM) practices within pharmaceutical, biotech and other life science research establishments. The survey focus was on liquid stores, with particular emphasis on learning how the makeup of corporate compound collections and the activities of CM groups have evolved. The report provides valuable information for vendors developing automated CM storage and retrieval technologies by providing them with the latest market intelligence in this area.

The survey looked at the following aspects of CM amongst others: corporate collection/library size; % collection available for screening; % exclusive compounds; details of existing CM stores; the QC./AQ tests routinely performed and the timing of the testing; the technologies being investigated for real time/HT sample QC analysis both within the CM store and off-line; plans to purchase any new fully-automated CM storage system in the next few years; future directions of CM; plans to expand CM activities to manage biological samples; and the biggest challenges to existing requirements expected to be encountered in the new few years. In many of these questions feedback was obtained for 2008 together with best estimates for the future (2010).

Key Topics Covered:
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Survey Methodology
Lab Origin of Survey Respondents
Geographic Origin of Survey Respondents
Organisational Origin of Survey Respondents
Respondent Breakdown by Lab Origin & Organisation
Makeup of Survey Groupings Used for Data Analysis
Job Role of Survey Respondents
Size of Corporate Collections and % Available for Screening
Origins of Compounds in Corporate Collections and Greatest Source of Screening Hits
Compounds to be Incorporated Annually into CM Collections Over Next 3 Years
Strategy to Expand CM Collection
Respondents Existing CM Store (1)
Respondents Existing CM Store (2)
Environmental Storage Conditions Implemented in Liquid CM Stores (1)
Environmental Storage Conditions Implemented in Liquid CM Stores (2)
Volumes Stored/Supplied As Multi-Use Stocks or Single-Use Aliquots (1)
Volumes Stored/Supplied As Multi-Use Stocks or Single-Use Aliquots (2)
How Multiple Copies of Liquid CM Library are Stored
Use of Vendors Automation Tube Rack Storage Products
Integration of Automated Liquid Handling and Screening with CM Store
Steps in CM Process Where Respondents Have Integrated Automated Liquid Handling
Summary of Survey Findings (1)
Implementation of Acoustic Technologies into CM Processes (1)
Implementation of Acoustic Technologies into CM Processes (2)
Main Reason for Integrity Being Compromised In DMSO Liquid Stores
How Quality is Assessed for Compound Integrity in Respondents CM Units
QC/QA Tests Routinely Performed in Respondents CM Units
Technologies Respondents Using, Investigating or Considering for Real Time/HT Sample QC Analysis
Respondent Opinion on Best Time to do QC/QA Testing
Cherry Picking System Throughput Requirements in Drug Discovery Areas
Cycle Times to Support Lead Optimization
Requirement for Solids in HTS HIT Followup
Investigation of Targets with Full Deck HTS versus Focused Subsets
Strategy for Preparation and Storage of Focused Subsets
Number of Focused Subsets Evaluated Per Target Screened
Summary of Survey Findings (2)
Number of Full Time Equivalents per CM Group
Sources of Software Used in Aspect of CM Process
Problem Areas in CM Systems Today
Biggest Bottlenecks in CM Systems Today
CM Store Manufacturer End-User Preferences (1)
CM Store Manufacturer End-User Preferences (2)
Interest in Outsourcing CM-Related Processes
New CM System Purchases Planned (1)
New CM System Purchases Planned (2)
Market Estimate for CM Storage Systems
Respondents Feedback on Future Directions of CM in Their Company
Whether Respondents Plan to Expand Their CM activities to Manage Biological Samples
The Biggest Challenges to Existing Requirements Respondents Expect to Encounter in the Next Few Years
Summary of Survey Findings (3)

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