In today’s economic climate, most people are consistently searching for ways to boost business and improve income. Professional massage therapists and bodyworkers are no exceptions. A large number of touch therapists also find themselves working to bring in and keep more clients. Of course, this is not solely driven by the tough economy—in a sense, the constant drive to do more and better business is simply one part of reaching success.

Fortunately for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, there are several concrete ways to take steps toward drawing in a larger base of loyal clients and, in turn, drawing more dollars. One of the best possible methods for improving the success of your practice is to keep taking continuing education classes. This goes beyond earning the continuing education credits you may need to renew and maintain your license—it’s about making you a better practitioner and business person.

Beneath the broad umbrella of continuing education, there are so many different ways touch therapists can use the various course options to refine and improve their daily work and daily income. Perhaps a good place to start is with the actual hands-on techniques you apply in your session room.

You see, the touch therapy you offer to clients is the “bread and butter” of your business, and it needs to be of the highest quality possible. So in terms of continuing education, this can mean a couple of things. First of all, you may want to take as many continuing education classes possible on topics related to the specific techniques or modality you practice.

By jumping at the chance to take any and every reputable continuing education class that deals with the techniques you apply in the session room, or at least some aspect of the modality, what you are doing is becoming an expert. If you make this your mission, you should find yourself taking more advanced continuing education courses on the modality, expanding and also honing your skills every step of the way.

Now, if you are looking to bring in more clients and achieve a greater level of financial success, it will be important to spread the word about the amazing skills you have gained via continuing education. This might mean taking another, different continuing education course that covers the topic of marketing for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

In such a class, you should learn how to best get the word out about your expertise and how it is relevant to whole segments of your local community. This continuing education class might cover such topics as writing and sending press releases, setting up and executing powerful presentations, and creating the most effective website, brochure and practice menu.

Beyond those “bread and butter” skills that you’re applying in the session room, there is another important element to success in the business of massage therapy and bodywork—your presence. Many clients love the sacred, peaceful, positive and healing space they enter when they step into their favorite practitioner’s session room.

At times, you may need to get more grounded in this personal presence, by taking continuing education classes on such topics as proper body mechanics, Healing Touch or reiki.