FORT PAYNE, Ala., Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ — GameTime has always advocated for the development of proper fitness habits for children to fight childhood obesity and help them live happier, healthier lives. Through various programs, partnerships, and grant opportunities, GameTime has proven its commitment to this cause. They have also relied on extensive research in the design phase of their equipment to ensure that it is not only fun, but also aids in physical development. Recently, GameTime worked with the Healthy Schools Campaign to sponsor their Quick & Easy Guide to School Wellness and assist with this cause both on and off the playground. This guide illustrates five ways to improve student nutrition and fitness, making it easy to develop and adopt a school wellness program based on these steps. Also available with the guide is a CD containing information, guidelines, resources, and tools to ensure the long-term success of your newly implemented wellness program. The guide is available for free on the Healthy Schools Campaign website at . GameTime is happy to partner with a likeminded organization that strives to improve children's health through physical activity, proper diet, and adult participation.

About GameTime

Enriching Childhood Through Play for almost 80 years, GameTime is the leading brand of commercial play equipment in the world. GameTime works with childhood development experts in a research based design approach to create the most beneficial play environments available! With exciting programs and curricula, GameTime takes play to the next level, as they add value, education, fitness and fun to the play environment. .