NEW YORK – Whether sore from running a marathon, blistered from wearing too-tight shoes, or cracked and dry from normal wear and tear, our feet have the ability to bring on pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Unfortunately, when our feet are not at their best, neither are we. Thankfully, for every foot issue we might encounter there is an effective solution from Gehwol.

The international leader in foot and nail care, Gehwol has certainly left a footprint in the spa industry. Gehwol has become the go-to product line for many of the most well-known spas in the industry. In fact, Gehwol is the top choice of spa directors, as well as pedicure technicians around the world.

Gehwol products extend the life of pedicures while also nourishing and protecting the foot from damage encountered by day-to-day wear and tear. Between blackened soles, callused heels and sore, aching toes, spa professionals see firsthand the consequences their clients’ feet endure and the need to take better care of our feet.

From such locations as The Bellagio Spa in Las Vegas to the exotic islands of Hawaii at Trump Spa, Gehwol is finding the spotlight in foot and leg treatments in luxury spas across the country. Spa professionals include Gehwol products in treatments and offer the brand at retail in spas, such as the J.W. Marriott in Las Vegas, Nev., the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Fla., the Trump SoHo in New York City, and many other luxury spas. Nordstrom spas nationwide offer Gehwol products to their clients, including celebrities, tourists and local residents.

“We are not surprised that Gehwol products have seen so much success in the spa industry,” said Johnny Jarufe, president of Benestar Corporation, exclusive U.S. distributors of Gehwol products. “They are high-quality products that attract a high-end consumer due to their effectiveness and dependability.”

Created by pharmacist Eduard Gerlach in 1868, it’s no wonder that Gehwol has caught on to so many industry professionals. By using his pharmaceutical knowledge and addressing the needs of the villagers in Germany, Gerlach was able to successfully mix a combination of oils, mineral-based lubricants and potassium carbonate to create the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments. From there, Gehwol has grown into more than 30 different foot, nail and body care products that have made a name with spas and podiatrists in addition to the pharmacy industry.

Gehwol products range from soothing scrubs to relieving creams for dry and cracked skin. From the top selling Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Bamboo Scrub infused with honey and vitamin E, to the recently launched Gehwol med® Callus Cream.

The Gehwol line also offers a variety of nail care products and comfortable protective gel pads like the metatarsal cushion that positions itself on the middle of the foot to protect from friction and pressure.

When it comes to prevention against athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, Gehwol med® Protective and Moisturizing skin oil fights bacteria while also strengthening the nail. Instead of brushing the nail, which can spread infection to other nails, Gehwol uses a special applicator which no other company provides to place the medicated oil directly where it is needed.

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