Hasla, an aromatherapy shop in Geneva, Illinois, helps patients relax by offering different types of massages in conjunction with aromatherapy treatment. Various essential oils and fragrances are said to have different affects on the body. Lavender, for instance, is supposed to have a calming affect that can help you sleep if need be. Some fragrances and oils can also be combined to have the desired affect as well. Hasla offers a wide range of treatments that tailor to the needs of the specific patron. All the massages that are offered will also be combined with mixtures of fragrances or oils that will have the desired affect on the person receiving the treatment. The shop also offers parties for small groups in which they teach some of the secrets of the trade, such as what different oils and fragrances will treat different ailments. (Meredith, www.elburnherald.com, 08/08/2008)