DEEP OSCILLATION applied in the first week following aesthetic surgery is helping to ease client pain and swelling and is considerably boosting the post surgical recovery process

London July 13, 2009 — PhysioPod UK Limited, the Sole UK/Ireland distributor were delighted to receive the following report from Georgios Tzenichristos, ECNP, MRNT, MIPTI, ITEC, Nutritionist/Sports & Lymphatic Massage Therapist who has clinics in South Kensington and Knightsbridge.

“I have used DEEP OSCILLATION for a few months now and I have found that it has improved the effectiveness of my lymphatic massage work, allowing me to offer 90 minutes of work in just 60 minutes.

DEEP OSCILLATION massage works especially well after face lifting and breast enhancement/reduction surgery that normally leave those areas very tender and swollen for weeks. With Lymphatic massage combined with DEEP OSCILLATION, tenderness and swelling resolves in about half the usual time.

I have also used it on joint injuries and found them to respond unexpectedly well to treatment, especially when I used the machine for 30’ or even 45’ minutes on the same area.

Most importantly, DEEP OSCILLATION has enabled me to start working on cosmetic surgery patients from the first week after surgery, helping ease their pain and swelling and considerably boosting their recovery”

Georgios Tzenichristos is well-respected amongst his peers and presents lectures about cellulite internationally. He also provides specialist consultancy to anti-cellulite machine manufacturers. His work has been featured on BBC1, BBC3, The Saturday Times, and The Saturday telegraph, The Daily Express, The Sunday Mirror, She Magazine and Yoga Magazine, amongst other publications.

DEEP OSCILLATION is safe, pleasant and is highly efficient for aesthetic procedures with anti-aging effects and for cellulite, for faster recovery after plastic surgery, laser resurfacing and other invasive methods of aesthetic medicine.

Sossi Yerissian, M.A, in London has also provided a further testimonial of her use with plastic surgery cases, she has been using DEEP OSCILLATION in this area for over two years.

“I am a lymphatic drainage therapist. I have been treating post plastic surgery cases since 1994, giving me 15 years of experience in this area. Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle, repetitive and soothing form of massage. It is the most sought after treatment following plastic surgery. It helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation hence the bruising of the tissue and speeds up the healing of stitches. The pain and discomfort is reduced with after the first treatment. MLD therapy is very well known all over the world and hence I have referrals from many different countries. For example: for leg, abdomen and buttock sculpting it takes approximately 12 treatments to reduce the tissue to the normal size and eliminate swelling. For breast augmentation or eye surgery, 8 treatments are required and 10 treatments for face-lifts.

Since the beginning of 2007, I was introduced to Deep Oscillation therapy. Since then, I have been using the machine on all plastic surgery clients. The result is brilliant; all my clients have found the light vibrating movement of the device very calming and soothing and the second most important aspect is that it requires fewer sessions to achieve a good result. For example, the Hivamat treatment for body sculpting is 8 sessions. For breast and eye surgery is 4 sessions, for a complete face-lift it is 6 sessions. Deep Oscillation has helped achieve great results over a shorter period of time with fewer visits and at a lower cost for clients. .

Elizabeth Muszka, MLD therapist also in Kensington says

“It is a brilliant machine, I previously used Microcurrent but I find that DEEP OSCILLATION gives much better results. On the face it gives visible results with lifting around the eye area, it helps with elasticity and improves moisture to the skin. One lady I have worked with for many years used to have very dry skin, but since using the therapy her skin has improved dramatically. My results with Cellulite have also been very good, especially on the abdominal and knee area, it is the “best investment” I have ever made”.

In Kendal, Sara Spenceley, owner and therapist at The Headlands is also happy to give her thoughts

“The facial programme is one of my favourite treatments, seeing the effortless effects on the skin, improving circulation and regenerating collagen, making the client feel fresh and relaxed. It’s so simple to use DEEP OSCILLATION and it is totally safe and
takes the stress out of deep massaging, which for me is so beneficial to the client as they get an energised therapist each time!”

Other Fields of Application for DEEP OSCILLATION which entered the UK in 2007 and The Republic of Ireland in 2009, ( it is now in 70 countries worldwide).

DEEP OSCILLATION is safe, pleasant and is highly efficient for aesthetic procedures with anti-aging effects and for cellulite, for faster recovery after plastic surgery, laser resurfacing and other invasive methods of aesthetic medicine.

It can also be used in connection with post pregnancy related problems including breast pain and breast engorgement and providing pain relief and faster healing of the C-section wound.

DEEP OSCILLATION will soon be offered as a treatment at Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services (M.U.M.S) via the DEEP OSCILLATION EVIDENT CLINICS and the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL POSTPARTUM.

Mr Chris Griffin
Consultant Obstetrician and Fetal Medicine Specialist
Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services

MUMS is a private clinic based in Solihull in the West Midlands, offering specialist medical services in women’s health and pregnancy care. The clinic is run by two Consultant Obstetricians, Mr. Chris Griffin and Mr. Mike Wyldes.. MUMS were the first practice in the Midlands to offer the cutting edge technology of 3D and 4D Ultrasound of babies inside the mother’s womb. Complete pregnancy, obstetric care and all investigations and treatment are carried out by Mike and Chris in conjunction with their midwifery staff. The DEEP OSCILLATION EVIDENT CLINIC will further enhance the high tech facilities they currently offer.


Combined with Manual Lymphatic Drainage, DEEP OSCILLATION is also providing effective help for Lymphoedema sufferers. Private MLD therapists in the UK and Ireland are using the therapy very effectively with their existing techniques®-reac .. and they are also recommending sufferers should use the personal device to self treat between appointments, to help with their condition.

The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL is available with four options: Sports, Aesthetics, Fitness and Post Partum. Therapy cards can be added as an accessory and can be personally programmed to suit the time allowances of the individual. They are extremely easy and relaxing to use via a hand held applicator circled over the problematic area reaching tissue layers to a depth of 8-12cm, breaking apart and removing excess inflammatory by products and fluid from the area and stimulating the natural healing process.


In the UK, a Premiership Team are now offering this therapy to their players post surgically and for fresh injuries obtaining very effective results. DEEP OSCILLATION is also endorsed by World Title Super Middleweight Holder Carl Froch, who successfully self treats with his PERSONAL SPORTS to help alleviate pain, swellings and reduce excess inflammation. He believes that used on a regular basis it has increased his range of movement which in turn has helped improve overuse syndrome , a condition that is suffered by many top sports men and women. Using DEEP OSCILLATION on a regular basis, Carl now seldom feels the need to take Diclofenic Sodium, a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug.

PhysioPod UK Limited are in the process of re-designing their website to include a Google map of UK/Ireland therapists – in the meantime, if you require more information or to check where DEEP OSCILLATION therapists are located please email or call 0115 9167 685.

PhysioPod UK Limited will be next exhibiting DEEP OSCILLATION at CamEXPO 2009 at Earls Court, London on 24th/25th October 2009

PhysioPod UK Limited will also be in attendance at Medica 09 in Dusseldorf supporting exhibitors PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG, the German Manufacturer of patented DEEP OSCILLATION

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