When you first put together a massage therapy or bodywork practice, there are a few fairly important decisions to make. A large number of these choices are based on products and other items for your place of business. Massage therapists and bodyworkers should do their homework carefully before actually going through with the purchase of several of the larger products necessary for practice, such as a massage table and any kind of advanced equipment to be used in the session room.

There are other rather permanent options to pursue as well, including how you want to paint and decorate the interior of your session room, as well as your practice as a whole, if you rent or own more than the session space. Of course, none of these choices are irreversible, but changing them can be costly and time consuming. Therefore, it is best to do it right the first time, so you can work with your choices for as long as you want before changing them.

However, at the other end of the spectrum in the practice of a massage therapist or bodyworker are those items that are not so pricey as to prohibit a little exploration of the options throughout one’s career. Massage creams are among the products that are crucial to most sessions of massage therapy and bodywork, yet can be switched out fairly easily if and when the practitioner gets the urge to try something new.

The fact that so many options are available when it comes to diverse kinds of massage cream, coupled with the reasonable prices for these products, especially in smaller sizes, makes massage cream one of the go-to items for massage therapists and bodyworkers who are looking for a slight refreshing change in their daily practices.

After all, purchasing a brand-new massage table or changing the paint on the walls of your practice space can be a big undertaking. Trying a new massage cream for a while will give you the change of pace you might be craving, without the huge outlay of cash and time.

There is no need to break the bank during your exploration of different massage creams. Instead, purchase small containers of the massage creams you want to try or consider asking the company that makes the massage cream for a few free samples.

Of course, there are so many massage creams on the market today, that it may seem easier to stick with what you know and keep using the massage cream you have been using for years. Don’t let the vast array of massage creams deter you—more options only mean a better chance of finding one or more massage creams you will love to use in your session room.

To navigate the crowded massage cream market, set aside some time to peruse the offerings online. If you truly love your current massage cream, you could start with the company that manufactures it, and see what else the company has to offer in terms of the latest massage creams.

–Brandi Schlossberg