Getting burned out is a great fear among many career massage therapists and bodyworkers. The way one defines burning out may differ from practitioner to practitioner, but there are always a few common threads.

Basically, getting burned out equates to losing one’s passion or enthusiasm for the daily work of massage therapy and bodywork. This usually shows up as a growing sense of boredom and restlessness, often coupled with exhaustion and possibly a few nagging aches and pains.

Knowing that getting burned out is a risk for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, especially those who make this work their full-time career, it seems wise to take steps to stay passionate and healthy within your work as a touch therapist. Fortunately, this does not have to be difficult. In fact, one simple tip for maintaining a fresh perspective on this work is to play around with your massage cream.

You may be wondering if you read that right, but using something as ubiquitous as massage cream is a great way to be reminded about being creative within your massage therapy or bodywork practice. By beginning to look at and think about your massage cream in different ways, you should find yourself starting to open up to new ideas about your practice.

Another big benefit of using your massage cream as the launching pad for more creativity within your work is the fact that this does not have to be a costly exercise. You can even start with the massage cream right there in your cupboard, the massage cream you use on the majority of your clients each and every day.

As a first exercise in preventing boredom or burnout, tune into the way you tend to use massage cream during your appointments. Pay attention to when and if you are using more massage cream or less massage cream. This is also the perfect time to pay attention to your own body mechanics, and how you feel in your body during and after the session. You might notice that the amount of either friction or glide you are getting from your massage cream affects the amount of effort you are exerting during each session.

These are some important observations to keep in mind as you continue to think outside the box in terms of your massage cream. You may decide you would like to find a massage cream with a different ratio of friction and glide, in order to help you better conserve your physical energy and encourage proper body mechanics. These factors can be crucial when it comes to preventing burnout among massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Now, if you are ready to go beyond your current massage cream, you can begin to play with the idea of unscented massage creams versus massage creams that contain beneficial essential oils. See if you can get a few samples from a massage cream manufacturer, then try them out on family members and friends. Remember, you do not need to replace your current massage cream—you can simply add another massage cream to the menu of options for each client.