Businesses looking for an additional source of revenues for their spa, hotel, tanning salon, event, or wellness center are adding O2 Planet’s Aroma o2 Aromatherapy Oxygen stations. These oxygen stations can be set up anywhere to provide refreshing oxygen with aromatherapy. Charge $1 a minute, They’re money making machines.

Las Vegas, NV, January 22, 2009 –(– Oxygen Bars have been popular for years in Las Vegas, California, and Florida. Now there is a new way to breathe your way to Nirvana, with the Aroma O2 ™ Aromatherapy Oxygen Stations, (regular and vending models), now available at

This in-demand machine is perfect for health clubs, night clubs, pharmacies, health food stores, airports, Salons and spas, ski resorts, hotels and resorts, coffee shops, and retail areas with good foot traffic.

The sessions sell for $5 or $10 for 10 minutes. (One machine can generate $30 per hour, $240 per 8 hour day, $87,600 per year at $5 for 10 minutes.) The session price compares favorably with a Starbucks® cup of coffee with no jitters or stomach distress, just a long lasting “Refreshing Lift™” that lasts and is good for you. It increases concentration, energizes and relaxes at the same time.

Imagine the cleanest freshest air you can find with a hint of your favorite aroma.

Notice a light airy feeling that clears the senses and sharpens thinking.

Next, feel the whole body relax as the o2 goes to work, slowly raising the oxygen levels, replenishing energy, waking up the body, and clearing the head.

Step away from your session delightfully refreshed and invigorated. The energy increase will last for hours.

The most exciting new entry in the energy market. There’s no jolt and no crash. Just a Refreshing Lift™ that lasts for hours.

A well known Hangover Miracle, it evens helps sober up the inebriated.

It’s a great way to add revenues, just see what customers have to say.

“When we were doing the necessary market research needed to open a business we quickly noticed that all the tanning salons we visited offered the same services just “wrapped” in different store designs. In the tanning market today, it takes more than a pretty lobby to attract business away from your competitors. You must offer points of difference.

“We found o2planet on the web and became very interested in two of their many offerings. We knew we would offer services outside of the tanning bed and felt the Shiatsu Chair would be a perfect match. Now our clients can experience an LED Facial and relaxing shiatsu massage. We incorporated the Oxygen/Aroma Therapy units into almost every aspect of our salons services. You can inhale relaxing oxygen while using almost any of our tan or spa services.

“O2 Planet helped us increase our edge over the local competition and be first to our market with 2 dynamic tanning salon peripherals.”

For more information on the Aroma O2™ Aromatherapy Oxygen station visit