Get Away with Continuing Education, MASSAGE MagazineAn unfortunate trend in the realm of massage and bodywork is the professionals within this wellness field often don’t take enough time to take care of themselves each day, as they’re so busy caring for others. Due to the giving nature of this work, if one does not take quality breaks and vacations, then burnout becomes a very real risk.

One fun way to take a break while still engaging in productive and informative activities is to sign up for continuing education that takes place on a cruise or at some sort of vacation destination.

You may choose to bring along friends or family, or perhaps you will want to go alone. Either way, continuing education seminars that blend learning with luxury can serve as wonderful ways to break up a grueling schedule of daily bodywork sessions.

Flip through a trade journal for touch therapists, or spend some time surfing the Web, and you are sure to find all kinds of continuing education opportunities that take place on cruise ships or in alluring locales.

Of course, the one you choose to sign up for will depend on quite a few personal factors, such as the kind of continuing education you’re looking to receive and the type of getaway that appeals to you for a vacation.

Certain busy massage therapists and bodyworkers might cite the fact that these continuing education seminars take place so far from home as a drawback, for they don’t see a way to take that much time out of their daily practice. In a way, however, this is the whole point.

By enrolling in continuing education on a cruise or at a vacation hot spot, the massage therapist or bodyworker is taken away from his or her practice—and often, cell phones and computers as well—for an extended and set amount of time.

Plus, there is no need or reason to feel bad about taking this time off from a massage practice, for the time away will most likely only benefit your clients when you get back. Not only will you possess new skills and a fresh take on healing work from your continuing education classes, but you’ll also be refreshed and rested for your sessions.

If you live in a state or region where massage and bodywork are regulated, be sure to check with the local governing board about what kinds of continuing education classes you might need in order to maintain your massage license.

Once you know this, it should be possible to find a continuing education course that meets any necessary requirements and also takes place in a luxury setting, whether that means a cruise ship, an exotic island, a mountain town or any other place that appeals to you personally.