So you have your own massage practice, but you’re having problems attracting clients. Or, maybe you’re having problems making ends meet and you have found the marketing strategies you’re using just aren’t working. Whatever your business problems might be, a variety of home study courses for massage therapists are available to help you expand your business knowledge.

In the bodywork industry, it’s common to find many practitioners who are excellent massage therapists, but not business savvy. The problem: Some massage schools teach students the ins and outs of massage therapy, but don’t tackle business-management topics for those who want to run their own practice, leaving therapists to fend for themselves.

One of the topics you might want to delve into is creating a business model. By establishing your business model, you are able to determine what you need to break even financially, estimate the demand for the needs you can offer, learn about business zoning restrictions within municipalities and set business plans.

Here you will find what will work for you. Should you start at home, rent office space or buy property to open your practice? By determining what your financial limits and goals are can help you in establishing a successful business.

When you know your goals and limits, then you can start finding clients. Without proper marketing, no one will be able to find you.

And these days, with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites, the marketing possibilities are no longer limited to fliers and traditional advertisements.

Classes on marketing can teach you about writing news releases, educating the public, sales promotions, client retention, customer service and getting referrals from other practitioners. Getting your name out to the general public is key in promoting your newly formed business. And with your determined location, you can know how to cater to your surrounding clientele.

On the more technical business end remains managing your practice and employees. Home study courses also teach you how to manage an office budget, maintain a ledger and proper balance sheet, maintain client records and confidentiality laws.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about taxes. Home study courses can teach you about what tax deductions your practice might be eligible for and the importance of paying payroll taxes.

A course on business ethics is also important. A home study course on business ethics can help your practice with determining fees, tips, gift certificates and dealing with employees.

Make sure to check with your national and state licensing bodies to make sure the courses you select are acceptable for continuing education credits.

–Jeremy Maready