Get Clear on What You Want in Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineAny time you have choices to make, it can be helpful and sometimes necessary to come up with your own list of must-haves, deal breakers or both. This way, you can compare your options against these lists and quickly eliminate any that do not meet your needs.

For professional massage therapists and bodyworkers who are searching for one or more new massage creams to use in the session room, the practice of making lists of must-haves and deal breakers can be especially important. After all, with so many different massage creams on the market, it can seem almost overwhelming to try picking just a few for use within your practice.

However, when you are clear on exactly what you are looking for in a massage cream, as well as exactly what you are not looking for in a massage cream, you should be able to narrow down your choices rather quickly. Once you have your list of massage cream candidates whittled down to a more manageable number, you can then take things into your own hands by testing out samples or small amounts of each massage cream.

Before we get to that point, though, first we must focus on those lists of must-haves and deal breakers. What goes on these lists will vary from practitioner to practitioner, as most therapists have different notions of what makes or breaks a great massage cream. So in order to make your own lists, you will need to reflect on the traits you look for in a massage cream, as well as any traits you want to avoid in a massage cream.

For example, one massage therapist may know for a fact that she does not want any scent or aroma of any kind in her massage cream. In this case, massage creams that contain a fragrance would go onto the deal-breaker list, eliminating many massage creams from the selection process.

The same massage therapist may also know she has to have a massage cream that contains all natural and organic ingredients, so these traits would then go onto the list of must-haves. Along these same lines, she also may feel it is vital to purchase a massage cream that is not only all natural and organic, but also was harvested, manufactured and packaged in a planet-friendly manner. Again, these factors would go onto the list of must-haves.

As another example, there may be a bodyworker who wants a massage cream with a large amount of coconut oil as one of the main ingredients. He could then add this very specific trait to his list of must-haves. On the deal-breaker list, this same bodyworker may know he does not want to use any massage cream that contains parabens.

As you make your lists, try to be as detailed as possible, as this will save you time when it comes to narrowing down your choices from among the vast selection of massage creams.