Most people have heard the phrase “think outside the box” so many times, it could possibly be called a cliché. However, phrases that are repeated so frequently that they run the risk of becoming clichés usually contain at least a grain of useful wisdom. When it comes to the words “think outside the box,” the valuable advice seems to be the encouragement to view a scenario from a different angle, in order to come up with different—and potentially successful—ideas.

For massage therapists and bodyworkers, the recommendation to think outside the box could have quite a few different translations. It all depends on the specific situation, including the preferences and goals of the individual hands-on practitioner. It may be safe to say, however, that a common preference and goal among massage therapists and bodyworkers is offering the best possible services to each and every client. Along with this goal comes a certain byproduct—a loyal, growing client base that equates to a stable, successful income.

Now, when we apply the phrase “think outside the box” to these more specific and also fairly common goals, it takes on a more specific meaning. Massage therapists and bodyworkers may be wise to get creative when it comes to providing the best possible services to their clients. That creativity and enthusiasm may, in turn, lead to that solid and also expanding bottom line.

Keep in mind that thinking outside the box means coming up with solutions that might, at first, seem strange, silly, impossible or “out of left field” in some way. Be patient and stick with the process, for it is this kind of brainstorming that may bring about wonderful ways to boost your business and provide even better service to your massage or bodywork clients.

One of the best parts about a truly good idea is that it does not have to entail a major change or investment. Your “out of the box” idea could be as small and specific as that tub of massage cream in the cupboard of your session room. If you are surprised, take a step back and try to see how the massage cream you use could lead to more satisfied clients and, in turn, a boost to your business.

The fact is, by having a variety of top-notch massage creams on hand during each session, you will be able to customize your client’s hands-on therapy, not only in terms of the types of techniques you use, but also in terms of the type of massage creams you choose to use.

For example, if your client presents with aching shoulders, you can provide extra pampering to that client during the appointment by applying a massage cream that contains a pain-relieving agent all across the aching area. You may even want to offer a smaller container of this pain-relieving massage cream for the client to purchase after his or her appointment.

This is but one of the many ways you can go outside the box with massage cream, in order to find simple and effective ways to nurture your clients and your bottom line.

–Brandi Schlossberg