Nora Spector FlockCrafted by Noa Spector-Flock, the “Get Stronger by Stretching” method is unique in its ability to strengthen/lengthen muscles equally. Movements are initiated from larger and stronger muscles at the center of the body. The “eccentric contraction” typical to this method is achieved through the use of the revolutionary, six-foot Thera Band©.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — Nobody can deny the growing abundance of fitness programs available “out there;” however, most have a flaw — they only strengthen isolated groups of muscles and rarely contribute to total-body conditioning. Florida massage therapist and dance teacher Noa Spector-Flock has the answer: a method she has coined as “Get Stronger By Stretching.”

This unique program uses Thera Band©, a six-foot-long elastic device, to provide equal strengthening and stretching throughout the body. Moreover, the beauty of the program is that participants will integrate muscle groups to create a whole-body connectivity instead of lengthening and toning only specific muscles.

Everything is packed into two interactive e-books under the “Get Stronger By Stretching” brand. Each book, one for the upper and another for the lower body, fuse instructional text with insightful videos and supply all of the required kit.

Program Synopsis

The exercises in these books will help you learn how to initiate movement from the larger and stronger muscles within the center of the body, which creates efficient movement, and develop it through to the smaller muscles in the extremities, which will result in more efficient and more delicate movement for expression.

The main goal is to create strength and length in your body equally, so that both qualities will support and balance each other. More than that, the vision is that your body will then integrate efficiency and harmony of movement.

“The entire program is based on the concept of “eccentric contraction,” which is a lengthening contraction of the muscle fibers. The program integrates movement of a certain muscle with the surrounding joints and muscles in that area, in order to involve the whole body and to create harmonious movement,” Spector-Flock said. “This prevents injury, which usually occurs at the beginning and end of a workout, by encouraging progressive circular (the shape of the joint) movements rather than straining. This will get you in shape faster and safer than you ever imagined.”

By following the instructions described, you will learn how to initiate movement from strong muscles in the center of your body (for example, psoas), and to include more muscles as the movement develops and expands.

“The over-riding goal is to strengthen/lengthen the entire body equally, something no other program provides in such a safe way that anyone can do,” Spector-Flock continued. “The program’s qualities balance and support every other muscle in the body, to integrate efficiency and harmony of movement. It all comes by initiating each movement, from larger muscles in the center of the body. Believe me, it works!”

The program has garnered rave reviews. Stephen J. Paluck found it particularly useful for seniors, commenting, “For those who are elderly this is the way to get back into shape and physically fit without pumping iron.”

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About Noa Spector-Flock

Noa Spector-Flock is a licensed massage therapist with a master’s degree in education. She has taught movement, wellness and injury prevention at the University of South Florida, at St. Petersburg College and in Gibbs High School’s dance department. Spector-Flock maintains a private practice for muscle therapy and movement education since 1982. She is available to teach and present workshops.