Get the Most Out of Conferences and Tradeshows

Aside from offering a break from the daily routine of your practice, attending massage conferences and tradeshows can offer many professional benefits. These events are excellent resources for massage therapists and bodyworkers who wish to gain new skills, enhance existing ones and bolster overall success.

Educational offerings
One of the main reasons many massage therapists register for bodywork seminars and shows is to earn continuing education credits (CEUs). Licensing bodies and professional organizations on both the state and national levels typically require practicing massage therapists to earn a certain number of CEUs each year, and attending industry conferences and tradeshows is great way to get multiple credits in one place.

CEUs come in all shapes and sizes, from a four-hour class on ethics to a four-day workshop on massage for cancer patients. In order to get the most out of these events, find out exactly how many hours of continuing education your state board or professional organization requires, if any specific topics must be addressed via CEUs and whether there’s a list of approved CE providers.

Armed with these details, you can pick and choose which massage conferences and tradeshows to attend based on what type of CEUs are offered at the event. Not only do CEUs allow you to maintain your license to practice or your membership in a professional massage organization, but they also contribute to your growth as a massage therapist, which in turn should boost your business as a therapist.

Even if you’re not on a quest for formal continuing education, you still stand to benefit from attending massage conferences and tradeshows. Whether you hope to add new techniques to your repertoire or get a better grip on the business side of bodywork, these events typically play host to a diverse array of seminars and classes.

Making Connections
Networking is also a large part—and perk—of participating in massage conferences and tradeshows. In person, you will have an opportunity to meet and build strong connections with colleagues and valuable industry contacts, whether from your hometown, across the country or even around the world. The support and opportunities that can come from such networking is a valuable gift one can receive just by showing up and mingling at industry events.

Connecting with peers may also inspire you to try new approaches that worked for others in your own practice, which can allow you to return home feeling revived and full of enthusiasm. In addition, you could create a powerful business alliance or learn of an exciting new job opportunity while attending a massage conference. After all, these events are where the most active and successful people in the massage and bodywork field tend to be found.

On top of getting to know peers in your field, massage conferences and tradeshows also play host to many of the leaders and pioneers in the realm of healthy touch. You can get to know these bodywork legends by enrolling in one of their seminars, whether you’re looking to earn CEUs or simply learn more about our touch therapy.

Recharge your batteries
An often-overlooked upshot of attending such conferences is that they often afford you a much-needed break from your day-to-day practice. Stepping away for even a short time can invigorate you to return to work with renewed enthusiasm for the field, gratitude for your clients and even a handful of new professional contacts. The fact that many of these events take place in vacation destinations or luxurious resort settings contributes even more to their inspirational and restorative qualities. Even better, because these shows are designed to enhance your business sense, a portion of the registration fee, as well as plane tickets, lodging and meals, is often tax deductible. Check with a tax professional to see what you’re eligible to write off.

It’s well worth the effort to take time out to research and attend upcoming massage tradeshows and conferences. Numerous professional organizations, training institutes and industry leaders offer such events at locations both near and far. Besides attending valuable continuing education seminars and classes, these shows will likely give you and your bodywork busines a helpful boost in more ways than one.