by Alain Castoriano

Get to the Next Level with Branding, MASSAGE MagazineLet’s face it, people are impressionable. And those impressions are based primarily on what people see. So when people look at your brand (whether that is you, your marketing materials, your product’s packaging, your correspondence or your Facebook page), what impression are they left with? Have you consciously determined your brand, or is your brand a mixture of different communication pieces that have come together over time?

For several decades, we have been studying trends in branding and how the successful–and unsuccessful–brand themselves. What has become evident is that a well-thought-out identity is founded in research that sheds light on the market, competitors, creative trends and a unique infusion of your own essence.

Additionally, while not guaranteed, those who take the time to develop a specific and unique visual identity and ensure the identity is carried through all forms of their communication, have a much higher likelihood of success than those that do not. Consider it from a consumer’s perspective: If you were looking for a product or service from a company for whom you had no referral, and one company’s materials all match with a high quality and consistent look and feel while the others do not, who would you call first? Even if you already have a base of existing clients/customers, make sure your image is such that it transmits both your values and your professionalism.

The essence of creating a successful brand strategy is to know exactly who your target market is and to ensure your brand appeals to their need for your product or service in the best and most comprehensive way.

Alain Castoriano is creative director at {S}SENSE Consulting, a design and branding firm with specific experience in health, wellness and natural products. To learn more, visit