Get Visible Results with Facial Massage Cream


  Whether you focus primarily on full-body massage or incorporate other, more specialized techniques into your bodywork practice, at some point, you’re likely to massage your clients’ facial skin. The facial massage may be brief, or it may be more extended, depending on the type of technique you use.
   For instance, numerous massage therapists may end their session with massage to the scalp, followed by the face, relieving stress by stroking the forehead, as well as the muscles around the eyes and jaws. Other bodyworkers, especially those working in a spa setting, may work on the face more extensively, offering facial massage for clients who seek a more youthful, relaxed appearance.
   Whatever the case may be, a client who leaves a session looking better than before is often more likely to return. Most clients would enjoy seeing a facial complexion that appears more relaxed, smoother, brighter and tighter.
   Even if you’re not trained in facial rejuvenation via massage, you can pick a massage cream that’s specifically suited for the facial skin of clients, in order to achieve more visible results with your bodywork.
Massage creams made for the face differ from other creams, in that they include special ingredients for the face’s more sensitive skin, and these ingredients often offer look-good, feel-good benefits.
   A facial massage cream may contain ingredients that help firm and soothe the skin, increase collagen and elastin, and help repair tissue damage. Examples of such ingredients include CoQ10 for increasing collagen and elastin; vitamin K to reduce the appearance of small veins; and vitamin C to soften wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, silky emollients and natural botanicals, such as peach, pineapple and mango extracts, can create noticeably smoother, softer skin on a client’s face.
   Typically, facial massage creams will be formulated for use on not only the face, but also the neck and chest. These massage creams should be pH balanced, non-comedogenic and non-greasy, so that they may be used on the array of clients that come through your door.
   Find yourself a quality facial massage cream, and next time you work on this most visible area, reach for this special lubricant instead of an all-body oil or cream. When your client looks in the mirror following a session, he or she will likely appreciate their new appearance—and come back for more.