by Amy Roberts

Get Your Potential Clients to Say 'Yes', MASSAGE MagazineMassage therapists love when potential clients become paying clients by hearing them say “yes” instead of “no thanks.” But what about when they say “perhaps?”

The massage therapists who succeed at getting clients into their practices work to gain and build relationships through various sources. During the relationship-building process, potential clients come and go and present massage therapists with affirmations and objections. The key to gaining new clientele is knowing the right time and the right words to say to encourage them to say “yes” and not “perhaps.” “Perhaps” is the same as “no”; they will only say “yes” if we can meet their needs and solve a problem.

Overcoming objections from potential clients

The key to overcoming the “perhaps” and the “no” is a matter of education. It does take practice—but as soon as you start to understand the psychology behind this process, you will notice fewer objections and more definite bookings.

The first key to overcoming an objection is to ask questions based both in fact and emotion. Then, simply listen.

For example, let’s say you were at an event, such as the Mind Body Spirit Expo. You talk with someone who has back pain, and your style of massage therapy has much success with easing this problem. What do you say to try and convince this person that your massage is the answer to her problem?

You may often hear, “Yeah, it seems pretty good. I would love a massage. I sometimes go to (your competition) and they do OK.”

You know you can get better results than “OK.”

Next, you start by asking some questions. Ask questions based on what you already know, and enroll them emotionally in your conversation. Make it about them and their desire to be pain-free.

“What type of pain do you have?”

“It sounds like it causes you quite a lot of discomfort. Would you like to sample five minutes of the massage to see how I can help you further, using different techniques?”

“How would you like to improve on the results you are getting?”

Ultimately, we need to address the objections, fears and worries potential clients have about us. As massage therapists, we must get to the heart of these worries by listening and really understanding what the roadblock is.

Listening, providing solutions and working to give them the best solution you can is a great way to get in touch with your potential clients’ fears. Asking gently and using words that enroll them emotionally (tapping into their desires) is a method of questioning that has proved to be successful time and again.

Amy Roberts is a massage therapist and massage therapy business coach. Her Web sites, and teach massage therapists around the world how to get more clients quickly and easily, and keep them coming back. Roberts has regular business video tutorials available on her marketing Web site.