LUBBECKE, Germany- Gehwol’s med Brand has added a new addition to the Gehwol family with the announcement of Gehwol med Callus Cream. A one-month treatment with the new cream guarantees the rapid and gentle removal of excess calluses on feet. Removing rough calluses at home can be tedious, time consuming and almost impossible. Gehwol’s new Callus Cream allows for an easy, at-home treatment that not only removes calluses, but also keeps feet smooth and moisturized.

Gehwol’s med Callus Cream quickly and effectively removes excess callus buildup on the foot. When used twice daily, this gentle, moisturizing cream can reduce excess callus by an average of 70 percent within 15 days and by almost 100 percent in the complete 28-day cycle. Studies by the proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research show that due to the use of urea and silk extracts, calluses are immediately softened and reduced within five days. Amino acids within the silk extract stimulate proteins in the skin leading to cell regeneration.

Other ingredients, such as glycerin, allantoin, lipids and avocado oil, reduce callus buildup drastically to normal levels after 28 days. Avocado oil is used to strengthen the barrier of the skin surface helping to improve the elasticity of the originally dry and brittle callus layer. The uses of lipids are to provide protection against dehydrated skin.

The combination of these ingredients creates a hydrating effect which splits hydrogen bonds in the callus layer allowing the skin to return to a smooth, supple surface. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin smoothed.

Gehwol has held a prominent spot for more than 140 years as an international leader in foot and nail care. With products that prevent and treat conditions ranging from cracked, dry skin and sweaty feet, to athlete’s foot and fungal infection, Gehwol is the go-to line of products for independent pharmacies, professionals in the spa and podiatric industries worldwide.

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