by CG Funk and Lynda Solien-Wolfe

Two of MASSAGE Magazine‘s Editorial Advisory Board Members, CG Funk and Lynda Solien-Wolfe, traveled recently to the Seventh Annual Global Spa and Wellness Summit, in Aspen, Colorado.

Funk is the Vice President of Industry Relations and Product Development for Massage Envy Franchising, while Solien-Wolfe is director of clinical education-massage and spa for Performance Health / Hygienic, the manufacturer and marketer of Biofreeze Pain Reliever.

“We were honored to attend in representation of both our companies and the massage profession and to participate in this collaboration, [a] think-tank group that has become part of our industry family,” Funk and Wolfe reported.


CG Funk (left) and Lynda Solien-Wolfe

All of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit presentations, briefing papers and research presentation from the 2012 Summit can be found at

“We encourage massage therapists, massage educators and students to visit the website and and put these tools and information to use in the classroom and in practice,” Funk and Wolfe said.

The two massage-and-spa professionals created the following report:

The Global Spa and Wellness Summit is an international organization that brings together visionaries and leaders to shape the future of the global spa and wellness industries.

The Global Spa and Wellness Summit was founded by a group of industry spa leaders and is led by Susie and Pete Ellis from Spa Finder. More than 300 spa-and-wellness professionals representing 40 countries attended the event. Sectors including hospitality, investment, finance, real estate, medicine, consulting, manufacturing, product, technology were represented. Student delegates also attended.

Summit objectives included:

• Establish a forum for dialogue among global industry leaders

• Facilitate healthy growth for the industry and its individual businesses

• Initiate and support quality research

• Cultivate leaders for the future

This year’s Global Spa and Wellness Summit focused on how spas can use the latest technological advances to deepen client relationships and provide guests with more inclusive ways to gain and maintain wellness. Among the presentations:

• Richard Carmona, .M.D. the 17th Surgeon General, U.S. and vice chairman of Canyon Ranch, presented the keynote address, “Pursuit of Global Health and Wellness: The Value Proposition of the Future,” which included an overview of health issues in the U.S., the prospect of obesity as issue of national security, and how the spa industry can be a major player in addressing many prevalent health issues today.

• Google’s head of industry and Retail Google, Ted Souder, presented ‘Cutting Edge Technology and What’s Around the Corner,” which provided practical information on Foursquare, Facebook and Pinterest.

• Philippe Bourguignon, Vice Chairman of Revolution and CEO Miraval Resort, addressed the at-capacity room with an engaging presentation titled “Why We Need Innovation through Imagination NOW.”

• John Kao, who calls himself an Innovation Activist, entertained the attendees with a lively lecture on “The Art of Getting Innovation Done” using piano practice and jazz music as an example of achieving innovation. John is the author of Innovation Nation.

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