There so many skin care lotions available everywhere, and it is important for consumers to know that one of the best choices that they could make concerning skin care products is to buy a natural body lotion. Skin is one of the most important organs of the human body, it protects us, and is the biggest excretory organ. Some people nowadays have begun to use herbal cosmetics for their skin.

These products are purely beneficial because they do not contain any harmful substances nor cause any negative side effects. People should be especially careful of whatever they choose to apply on their skin because these chemical products can seep through the skin and go into the body’s bloodstream. The right natural body lotion would include the essential oils that can make your skin glow healthily.

It is always best to find a natural body lotion that contains organic oils, shea butter, jojoba, and other botanical oils. These ingredients act as deep moisturizers which hydrate the skin. A truly natural body lotion has ingredients that will protect the skin against the harmful elements in the environment.

These elements include pollution, harsh sunlight, and other harmful factors. Another added benefit in using a good body lotion is that it will make the skin increasingly soft and smooth. People with sensitive skin should use body lotions that have aloe vera. Since ancient times, aloe has been used for a number of skin ailments. Natural and herbal skin care products are a better choice over artificial commercial products.

Making Your Own Natural Body Lotion

Nowadays, people can easily make their own natural body lotion. With just a few ingredients, and a few simple procedures, you can make your own customized lotion at an affordable price. The first few important ingredients in making your own lotion include oil, colorant, water, fragrance, and an emulsifying wax.

The first thing you need to do is to combine the oils, the water and the emulsifying wax together. This concoction is the main base of the lotion. Since water and oil cannot mix together, an emulsifying wax is used to stick them together. After mixing the three ingredients together, the next step to do is to put in the fragrance oils, and other essential oils needed. The essential oils are the major component that will add beneficial effects to the lotion such as aromatherapy and fragrance.

After adding in the essential oils, the next step to do is to mix in the colorant. Some colorants that can be used include common home substances such as mica, paprika and oxides. After adding in and mixing all the necessary ingredients, the next and final step to do is to bottle the lotion. You can even create your own logo or write the ingredients on the side to make it more creative and innovative. Some people even add in glitter and other decorations in the lotion.

Making your own lotion is not that hard, the most important note to remember about body lotions is that they are for protection. Therefore, it is always best to find a natural body lotion that can give all the benefits and added features the skin may need.

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