From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “The Economics of Green: Save the Earth while Saving Money,” by Chris Towery, in the March 2009 issue. Article summary: A recession may not seem like the best time to start making your massage practice more eco-friendly. However, going green in these tough economic times cannot only benefit the Earth, but also your bottom line.
The Going Green Guidebook explains ways you can “green” your massage practice, and includes profiles of blue-chip companies, small organizations and startups that have reinvented or reconfigured their businesses to be more environmentally responsible.

Companies profiled in the Guidebook include GE, Nickelodeon, HP, Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart, Broward County Library, BASF, Travelocity, Harrah’s, Dow Chemical, National Geographic, Chiquita, U.S. Army, Monroe College, Comcast and nearly 100 more organizations of all sizes and budgets.

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