With the shared goal of promoting healthier living and achieving lower healthcare costs, Nashville-based Gordian Health Solutions, Inc., a leading national personal health coaching company, and Shape Up The Nation, a leading wellness social networking company, have joined forces to provide team wellness competitions at workplaces across the country. Shape Up The Nation organizes team-based exercise, weight loss and walking competitions for individuals of all fitness levels, targeting employee obesity and inactivity.

Gordian is offering team wellness competitions as part of its personal health coaching services, called iCoaching, and in coordination with other health programs and services. Gordian currently provides customized health coaching, self-health and healthy workplace programs to more than 2.3 million individuals nationwide through partnerships with employers, health plans and government entities.

Both Gordian and Shape Up The Nation recognize the importance of peer support in achieving health and lifestyle goals. Gordian™s iConnect product, part of the company™s suite of self-health tools, encourages individuals to interact with others who share health and lifestyle improvement goals through an online portal. Similarly, the Shape Up The Nation model is based on participants working together within their trusted social network, supporting and motivating each other. In the program, employees form teams and register online to compete in tracking weight loss, exercise hours and/or pedometer steps. These options ensure that there is something appealing for employees of all fitness levels. Team standings are reported online, motivating employees to compete and succeed. Based on the aggregate data submitted by employees, performance reports for employers demonstrate exactly how the competition has improved the health of the workforce and help to calculate return on investment.

Targeting employee obesity and inactivity is a number-one goal for many of our clients, given the enormous impact these issues can have on an employee™s health and employer™s bottom line. In the United States, one-third of all employees are obese, and we all know that obesity is linked to major health problems such as type II diabetes and heart disease, said Roger Reed, executive vice president for market operations at Gordian. Partnering with Shape Up The Nation to offer team wellness competitions will enhance and increase the impact of our clients™ current wellness efforts.

Rajiv Kumar, co-founder and managing partner of Shape Up The Nation, noted, Every obese or inactive employee costs an employer over $4,000 a year in increased health claims, high absenteeism and lower productivity. The solution is to bring all employees together to address our common struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle. Team-based competitions are a fun and powerful way to use peer motivation and group support to get individuals on the right track.

Participation in Shape Up The Nation™s team wellness competitions reaps impressive results:

  • Participants on average reduce their body mass index (BMI) by a full point, losing between 8-10 pounds in just 12 weeks.
  • 73% of participants complete the program due to group support, tracking tools and built-in accountability.
  • Participants on average exercise 42 minutes and walk 4.9 miles every single day during the competition.
  • Six months after the program, most participants have maintained their weight loss and high physical activity levels.

About Gordian Health Solutions, Inc.

Gordian Health Solutions is the nation™s leading personal health coaching company. Gordian is pioneering the next generation of individualized, interactive and integrated health solutions to reduce the demand and cost of healthcare and encourage healthier lifestyles. Gordian delivers personalized one-on-one health coaching, individually tailored websites and other media to help individuals achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles and to address chronic conditions. Gordian pioneered the health coaching industry and, with its 12 years of innovative industry leadership, is poised to advance a culture of wellness that will positively impact lives for years to come. For more information about Gordian, visit www.gordian-health.com.

About Shape Up The Nation

Shape Up The Nation is a national wellness company focused on leveraging the power of trusted social networks to promote healthy living. Through evidence-based team wellness solutions, Shape Up The Nation brings employees together for the common goal of pursuing healthier lifestyles. In addition to reducing medical claims and pharmaceutical costs, team wellness programs boost morale, productivity, and retention among employees. By focusing on employees of all fitness levels, Shape Up The Nation helps employers achieve high participation rates and build a healthy company culture. Visit Shape Up The Nation online at www.shapeupthenation.com.

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