GotYourBack announces new design released to therapists.

Conshocoken, PA. GotYourBack, in conjunction with Nirvana Massage Tables, has completed the design and production of The Nirvana Mate 2, a cutting-edge positioning system. Now, massage therapists can offer innovative positioning and support to all of their clients.

This revolutionary design provides unparalleled comfort for both male and female clients. The Breast Recess and Neck Contour features reduce pressure on the breasts, allowing the spine to stay properly aligned during face-down massage. The Nirvana Mate 2 also provides support for the lower back and pelvis, which alleviates contraction in the muscles of the lower back. Massage therapists will find their work is easier because the musculature of the mid and lower back is more relaxed, making palpation, pressure and stretching easier.

This system can also be used in supine position. The cutout area provides easy access to the neck-and-shoulder muscles, reducing stress on the therapist’s lower arms, wrists and hands.

The Nirvana Mate 2 is lightweight, weighing 3.5 pounds, and folds in half for easy transportation. The durable cushion with patented Breast Cut Out technology is available in agate blue, burgundy and black. Easy cleaning is maintained with mild soap and warm water. The Nirvana Mate 2 is compatible with table warmers, fleece pads or any other products you enjoy using. When incorporating these on top of the Nirvana Mate 2, your clients will still gain ergonomic benefits.

This progressive invention is designed to work with any standard portable table 28 to 35 inches in width. Specifications: 28 inches wide, 36.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches thick.

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