Grampa's Garden LogoBrunswick, ME. Grampa’s Garden is pleased to announce the addition of a line of natural sprays using 100-percent pure essentials oils.  Grampa’s Garden has selected only the finest medicinal-grade essential oils to create this new line which they hope will allow customers to use the very air they breathe to help in healing body and soul. 

In discussing the role of essential oils in healing, President of Grampa’s Garden, Jacqui Painchaud said, “Plant essential oils aren’t just for massage anymore.  In fact, the path that the oils take is not through the skin, but through the olfactory system. That means it is actually the scent of these oils that work to release neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters aid in reducing tension, lessening aches and pains, and creating a feeling of well being. This is why we created our new line—to bring these scents directly to the central nervous system where they can do the most good.”

The new product line includes Lavender for calming nervous tension and sleeplessness, Peppermint with Ylang Ylang to reduce anxiety and ease aches and pains, and fragrant Spice to reduce stress and create a welcoming environment.  Spray on the skin as an instant refresher or mist a body wrap before heating to add healing fragrance. These all-natural sprays also make the finest and healthiest room freshener. Grampa’s Garden sprays are available individually or as a three spray set and are a wonderful complement to the Sleepy Time pillow. 

About Grampa’s Garden

Grampa’s Garden has been providing all-natural therapy and comfort products for healthy living since 1993. Its self-care products help relax, balance, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Most are hand-crafted in Maine by people who care about your health and protecting the environment.

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