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As a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, consider finding a massage cream that contains grapeseed extract to bring extra skin care benefits to the clients who come through your door.

Health Benefits

According to researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, grapes contain oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs), a form of antioxidant that has been tied to a range of health benefits. Though research is still in the early stages, grapeseed extract is showing potential for a number of positive applications, such as decreasing blood pressure, reducing the risk for a variety of cancers and preventing some of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Skin Care

The University of Maryland Medical Center research indicates that grapeseed extract has been shown to provide protection from Staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial infections. It also may help reduce swelling.

According to the report, “Edema is common after breast cancer surgery, and one double blind, placebo controlled study found that breast cancer patients who took 600 mg of grapeseed extract daily after surgery for six months had less edema and pain than those who took placebo. Another study found that people who took grapeseed extract after experiencing a sports injury had less swelling than those who took placebo.”


The OPCs found in grapeseeds are a form of antioxidant, and antioxidants are known for the ability to fight free radicals. By destroying free radicals, grapeseed extract may be able to prevent these damaging compounds from causing destruction to DNA, which is believed to be one of the main forces that accelerate aging. By applying a massage cream with grapeseed oil and grapeseed extract to the skin, it may be possible to help the body battle free radicals and decrease some of the DNA damage that leads to aging skin.

It is important to keep in mind that much of the research on grapeseed extract is still in its infancy, but the peer-reviewed reports that do exist seem to shed light on the promise this ingredient may hold when it comes to preventing infections, slowing the aging process, alleviating heart disease, fighting cancer and more.