Greeting card manufacturer spreading Earth Day–motivated sentiments one wildflower seed at a time

San Diego, CA – April 12, 2010 – In honor of the upcoming 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Green Field Paper Company recently threw a one-of-a-kind party. The manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly paper invited employees, customers and friends to join in the festivities by bringing along a paper shredder and their third class mail. During the event, attendees enjoyed champagne and hours d’oeuvres while they shredded the ingredients for the company’s latest offering. The end result of this unusual celebration is Green Field Paper’s new line of 100% Junk Mail® greeting cards.

Handmade with recycled bulk mail and post consumer waste, the 100% Junk Mail® card collection gives a much-needed reprieve to the 100 million trees the U.S. Forest Service estimates die at the hands of American junk mail production each year. 

Fittingly named the Recycle Earth collection, the 100% Junk Mail® paper is handcrafted one sheet at a time and then printed on using soy-based inks. The cards come in a variety of eco-conscious designs, but the Earth Birthday Card is particularly apropos to the upcoming 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which just so happens to also be Green Field Paper’s anniversary under its current ownership. 

Although the 100% Junk Mail® card line is new to the Green Field Paper inventory, the company has been producing non-wood recycled paper products since 1992. World-renowned for its Grow-a-Note® plantable greeting cards for nearly two decades, Green Field Paper Company has committed itself to the ultimate in recycling efforts. Their mission is to create innovative paper and sustainable paper products from unlikely ingredients that would typically end up in the landfill. The PaperEvolution® line transform such items as coffee beans, old denim blue jeans, garlic skins, etc. into individual sheets of paper used for original note sets. Green Field Paper Company also offers other companies ground-breaking solutions for recycling their refuse. Last fall, Sea World contracted with Green Field Paper to recycle their previously worn trainer uniform shirts. The paper made from these unwanted shirts was embedded with wildflower seeds and then used to make bookmarks. More than 20,000 bookmarks were distributed throughout all of the Sea World locations nationwide. 

In fact, it’s the Grow-a-Note® line that lured co-owners Shari and Rick Smith to the business’s helm. “We fell in love with the concept and the originality of the recycled products that Green Field had created over the years. Green Field’s signature product, Grow-a-Note®, which is made from seed-embedded paper that can be planted and grown into an array of colorful wildflowers, captivated us,” explains Shari. 

The company has been recognized annually by the city of San Diego for its recycling programs which include the reclamation of water used in paper making and offsetting energy use with wind power credits. They have been awarded the San Diego Director’s Recycling Award for the past three consecutive years and received the Recycler of the Year Award in 1997 and 2007. 

Earth Day celebrators who want to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the holiday without harming the environment can learn more about the 100% Junk Mail and Grow-A-Note greeting card lines online at   

About Green Field Paper Company

Green Field Paper Company’s goal is to create products that communicate an original sense of style along with environmental responsibility. The company takes pride in manufacturing paper that offers a personal and qualitative experience that is truly unique in today’s market. The name Green Field Paper Company refers to the nonwood recycled ingredients from which it produces all of its recycled paper.