brings you the tools, gadgets and advice to make going green a breeze. The site features a wide range of innovative green products that make transitioning to a sustainable life style simple and promise to save you money in the process. PlentyWays also contains tips and advice to help you reduce your impact on the environment and has a vibrant blog covering green news and new gadget releases.

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2009 — Newly launched features a web based store where users can purchase simple items such as energy saving light bulbs, all the way up to more complex and innovative products like solar panels. In addition to this, an entire social media community surrounds the store that helps you understand and act upon the message of sustainability.

The ethos of is that there are many things people can do that will greatly benefit the environment and often save themselves money in the process. “We simply make that process easy for you”, says co-founder Brendan Gill, “We put in the hard work to research sustainable living and lay it out in simple terms for our community”. The result is a large and growing resource of products and tools all centered around the same goal of green living.

Brendan Gill and Samuel Westwood, founders of, have backgrounds in the creation of online resources and e-commerce businesses. The plan is to utilize all the knowledge and experience they have gathered and apply it all to the development of and the environmental cause.

Green living is entering the mainstream, and the appetite for information and eco-friendly products is growing. Issues such as renewable energy, CO2 emissions, organic food and recycling have become concerns for most Americans. echoes this trend, by providing a one-stop green portal for consumers featuring news, reviews, tips and products.

Businesses and corporations are also adapting their practices to match the eco trend. will feature a dedicated corporate section, designed to educate businesses on sustainability, and providing energy saving kits to help green their company.