08.07.2009 16:48:52 Growing your brand is important, and promotional products can (and should) play a big part in that. Why not grow your brand, and green your brand, at the same time.

(live-PR.com) – We’re all aware of how many promotional items become “throwaways,” but there’s no reason they should leave a negative impact on our environment. That’s where eco-swag.com comes in. Eco-Swag.com carries hundreds of thousands of eco-friendly items, that are sustainable, recycled and recyclable; items made of hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, BPA-free plastic, aluminum, and other environmentally-friendly materials.

Popular items include bamboo USB flash drives, aluminum sports bottles, recycled, Made-In-The-USA organic cotton tote bags, organic cotton t-shirts, bamboo barbeque and cheese sets; fair-trade coffee and tea, bamboo throws, bamboo bathrobes. Eco-swag.com also carries fun, unique items such as water-powered clocks. Yep, clocks that run on water!

As hard as it is to believe, it’s almost time to start looking at holiday gifts for your clients. With our heightened awareness of the importance of doing whatever we can — even the smallest of gestures — to not be wasteful, and to be environmentally-conscious, your clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness that much more, when the gifts you give them are, at the very least, recyclable.

Bamboo blankets and throws are a very popular item from eco-swag.com. They are unbelievably soft and luxurious. In addition, bamboo is naturally moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, and anti microbial. It is an amazing, sustainable and eco-friendly fiber, and it feels like cashmere against your skin!

It’s important to note that these fibers are created without any pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. (It takes one pound of chemicals to produce one cotton tee shirt and one pair of pants!) Bamboo (of which there are 1200 varieties) grows 18 inches per day and when it is cut down, it is replenished very quickly. (All of our bamboo products manufacturers have Eco-Tex certifications.)

So, whether you’re looking to grow your brand, green your brand, say “thanks” to your old customers for sticking with you, or “thanks” to your new customers for giving you a shot, consider eco-swag.com.