The Grooming Lounge (, the premier spa & barbershop for men has created the “Oba-Massage” to stimulate the economy and honor our new President Barak Obama on Inauguration Day.

United States of America (Press Release) January 9, 2009 — Washington, D.C. (January 2009): With an inauguration of unprecedented anticipation coming up, everyone is looking forward to getting footloose and fancy free at the upcoming inaugural balls. With all the glitz and glamour of the parties (read: plenty of liquor), one will be hard pressed to escape sans a good ole hangover (one that has been brewing for the past 8 years)! What is a hung-over politically inclined guy to do the morning after? Head to the Grooming Lounge, the nation’s capital’s experts on men’s grooming, of course, where they have plenty of solutions for political partiers.

During the month of January, the Grooming Lounge will be offering a new treatment in honor of President Barack Obama: the Oba-Massage, a stimulating cure for the economic hangover. This one-hour massage treatment includes:

• Eco-friendly oils
• Focus on hands for Obama-like obsessed Blackberry users
• Economic stimulus via a special $75 for an hour rate ($15 savings)

At the special rate, the Oba-Massage is a luxury even Joe the Plumber can afford! While President Obama is busy working on universal health care for all, the Grooming Lounge has come up with this treatment that costs much less than your own monthly deductible.

Senators, lobbyists and celebrities who frequent the barbershop/spa should be happy to hear about Grooming Lounge’s Inaugural Ball Morning-After Package, which can help a guy recover from even the most atrocious of hangovers. Priced at $350, the package includes:

• Morning Wake-Up Call: Because you’ll probably sleep through your alarm
• Town Car Service: We’ll pick you up from your hotel (or wherever you might be in the DC area) and bring you to us
• Black Coffee: To jump start your day
• Hand, Foot, Back and Head Massage: To release tension and relieve body aches from marathon line dancing sessions
• Hangover Eye Therapy: To soothe aching eyes and rid puffiness from lack of sleep
• Ear Plugs: To block out the sound of political commentators recapping the night
• Alka Seltzer: To calm your stomachache from the combination of Texas BBQ and Long Island Ice Tea
• Grooming Lounge bucket: Multifunctional
• Nickel Morning-After Rescue Gel: Facial shock treatment for when waking up is way too difficult.
• Menaji 911 Eye Gel: Removes those “I was plastered last night” bags from beneath the eyes.
• Supersmile Mouthrinse: Eliminates alcohol breath and taste.
• Molton Brown Black Pepper Body Wash: Removes the liquor stench from the body and re-energizes.
• Two Aspirin

The Grooming Lounge is one of the country’s first upscale barbershops and spas exclusively for men. It is conveniently located in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s business district for the political party heads (as well as celebrities like Bruce Willis, Steven Soderbergh and Elliot Gould) who frequent the shop, at 1745 L Street, NW in Washington, DC. Grooming Lounge also offers grooming products and advice online at Visit