Direct references from clients or peers is usually the best way to grow one’s practice, but this method has obvious limits. A common question among therapists is where and how to allocate their advertising budget. Local papers and magazines have the proximity advantage, but now so do some online advertising services.

Is there a website for the advertising of massage therapists that is inexpensive and not occupied by the “full-body/erotic” style that fills both many local newspaper classified sections and online ads?

Yes, there now is is a new and currently small directory devoted entirely to massage therapists, spas and orthotherapists throughout Canada. Creating a new listing is simple, easy and fast. Updating or removing the listing is also a piece of cake.

The directory provides all registrants full featured listings. Here are a few of the advantages it provides:

  • You can update or remove your listing 24/7, freely. There is also no limit to the number of pictures you can upload. Each automatically generates a small thumbnail version and will put your listing on the front page of the directory for some time.
  • While many people will prefer to call you directly using your displayed contact phone number, people can also send you secure inquiries, meaning that your e-mail address is protected from the public and computer scripts that are responsible for so much spam. iMassageTherapist will not, under any circumstance, share, give, sell or provide the e-mail listing of its members to any party.
  • You can easily set up a Google Map with a marker for your clinic, as well as manage and either allow or deny the public from adding comments to your listing.
  • Unlimited direct links your personal website, giving it a better rankings.