Whether aiming for expertise or building a diverse service menu, home-based continuing education can help you grow your skill set in all kinds of modalities, from sports massage to shiatsu and beyond.

Planting the Seed

Upon graduating from massage school, most new practitioners have a solid knowledge of at least one modality and may have a working knowledge of several others. When the time comes to begin enrolling in continuing education classes, a recent graduate may already know which modality he or she would like to explore further and will find related courses.

One of the main reasons home-based CE comes in so handy at this point in a new MT’s career is because it allows for learning on a more flexible schedule, which may mean fewer missed appointments and less time away from other important commitments.

Budding Interest

Once a massage therapist begins learning more about a specific modality, it’s likely that his or her interest and passion will grow. Whether studying trigger point therapy or Thai yoga massage, there is a good chance he or she will enroll in more and more advanced CE courses in an effort to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Some MTs prefer to focus on specific modalities when fulfilling their CE requirements and tend to look for courses that will help them to either expand their skill sets or teach them how to provide more services. Others often take a variety of home-based classes that touch on several different skills, such as business management, accounting, or marketing, in addition to technique training.

Growing Skills

If a certain modality continues to capture a student’s interest class after class, he or she may choose to become an expert in that modality and begin working toward specialization. In this case, choosing the appropriate CE courses becomes vital, as focus zeroes in on building that technique.

Students may also find that they prefer to gain more middle-level skills in an effort to provide a variety of services to a diverse clientele. This may mean learning how to use aromatherapy in the session room or gaining knowledge about several different techniques.