Hand in Hand 2009 Shines a Light on Massage Therapy in Eldercare and Hospice and welcomes Ken Ross, son of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, as their special guest speaker at the Hand in Hand 2009 Dinner Gala on Saturday May 2, 2009.

Orlando, FL – April 24, 2009
Hand in Hand 2009 is a ground breaking networking event designed for massage therapists and eldercare and hospice professionals. By bringing these three professional communities together, this symposium will continue to elevate the status of paid massage therapy programs in these specialized and under-served settings.  The three-day event is May 1-3, 2009  at the Caribe Royale, 8101 World Center Drive in Orlando FL.  More details can be found at www.handinhand2009.com

In the past decade, massage therapy has gained recognition and acceptance in mainstream health care settings like hospitals, clinics, eldercare facilities and hospices. The massage profession is expanding to answer the growing demand for therapists with training to serve diverse special populations. As public awareness about the benefits of massage grows, hospices and long-term care facilities are recognizing the value of adding massage therapy to the programs and services they offer. 

“This symposium shines a light on the important place massage therapy has in hospice care.  As importantly, the networking opportunities to learn from others involved will facilitate future program development and implementation.  I encourage caregivers of ALL kinds to attend Hand-in-Hand 2009”  — Kathleen Egan-City, Executive Director, Suncoast Institute at the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast

Hand in Hand 2009 welcomes Ken Ross, son of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross as the Dinner Gala speaker. Ken is releasing the book Tea With Elisabeth this week at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization conference in Washington DC. Tea With Elisabeth is more than a tribute to Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross; it is a celebration of the dedicated care provided by hospices everywhere.  Fifty-one contributors share their stories about this hospice pioneer, such as Muhammad Ali, Bernie Siegel, Dame Cicely Saunders, Don Schumacher, Marianne Williamson, and more.  Ken will be available to sign copies at Hand in Hand 2009.

About The Center for Compassionate Touch
The Center for Compassionate Touch LLC is an organization that provides Compassionate Touch® training for massage therapists and other health professionals as well as consulting services for eldercare and hospice organizations across the nation.

Compassionate Touch is a hands-on complementary approach for those in eldercare, hospice and palliative care. It combines one-on-one focused attention, intentional touch and sensitive massage with specialized communication skills to help enhance quality of life for those in later life stages.