Hand Washing Helps Prevent the Spread of Cold and Flu, MASSAGE MagazineTo complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “The Comforts of Aromatherapy During Cold & Flu Season,” , in the November 2013 issue. Article summary: With chilly weather comes cold-and-flu season, and the use of essential oils in aromatherapy offers symptomatic comfort—as well as possibly preventing a person from catching the common cold or flu. While the benefits of essential oils in aromatherapy remain largely undocumented by conventional science, the time-honored practice of aromatherapy is growing in prominence as allopathic medicine fails to effectively prevent or treat cold and flu.

When it comes to halting the spread of cold and flu, clean hands are the simplest, yet most effective, preventive measure.

Health practitioners still recommend the simplest way to protect our health is by washing our hands frequently with hot water and conventional soap. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends food-industry and hospital workers not substitute gel hand-sanitizers for soap and water—although it’s fine to use both.

Health experts also recommend we avoid touching our eyes, especially during cold-and-flu season, since microbes are easily introduced from the hands to the body’s internal systems via the conjunctiva—simply by rubbing our eyes.

Peter Friis is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California, home of his first lifestyle brand, ESSIO (www.essioshower.com). Friis received his master’s degree from UCLA Anderson, where he served as president of the Entrepreneur Association. His aromatherapy product line launched in 2013, and is the first of a family of related products, all emphasizing modernity, sustainability and eco-luxury.