If you have been consistently using the same massage cream for a while now, it may be time to start changing things up and having a bit of fun with the variety of massage creams on the market today. By using your imagination and exploring a few new massage creams, you could find that your clients reap the benefits.

For example, most massage therapists and bodyworkers tend to at least offer an option of a massage cream that is completely unscented and contains no irritating ingredients. This is a wise idea, for you never want your massage cream to impact any client in a negative way, such as setting off an allergic reaction or a fragrance sensitivity.

However, too many professional practitioners seem to get locked into the notion that this is the only type of massage cream they can and should be using within their daily sessions. These are the people who might benefit from having a bit of fun and embarking on an exploration of massage creams that do have some kind of scent.

This may mean ordering a few samples or trial sizes of some high-quality massage creams that contain various essential oils and combinations of essential oils. This way, you can test out these massage creams and see if you find value in the aromatherapy they offer. If you find one of these massage creams to be especially pleasing, you could then purchase it and add it as an option for your clients.

Of course, not all massage creams that carry a scent contain essential oils. Some massage creams simply comprise ingredients that happen to have a natural scent of their own, such as coconut oil, cocoa butter and so on. Usually, these fragrances are quite subtle, especially when the ingredients used are all natural and not synthetic. You may also find one of these kinds of massage creams appealing for you and your practice, and choose to select one of these massage creams as yet another option for your clients.

As you go about this playful exploration, you are obviously searching for massage creams that really seem to suit you and your practice. This not only means that you are pleased with the way the massage cream smells, but it also means that you love the way the massage cream feels—the way it works to enhance the techniques you practice.

To figure out this aspect of any new massage cream, you will want to ask friends, family members or colleagues to allow you to test the various massage creams out, so you can see whether they really offer the right ratio of friction and glide for your favored techniques.

As for offering these new and different massage cream options to your clients, you may want to stick with your regular unscented massage cream, but add a list of other massage creams to your practice menu, so clients can select one of the other massage creams as an added value.