St. Petersburg, Florida (PRWEB) Oct. 27, 2011. HCG Diet Skincare by Golden Essence® now offers its exclusive Oil Free Massage Oil to massage therapists in a professional 32-ounce size. Adding to its extensive line of oil-free HCG Diet-approved skin-care products, the Oil Free Massage Oil has quickly become the company’s number-one selling product.

The HCG Diet Skincare product line, for use before, during and after the HCG Diet, includes Oil Free Shampoo, Oil Free Conditioner, Oil Free Body Wash, Oil Free Body Lotion, Oil Free Anti-Aging Face Moisturizers and a 5-ounce Oil Free Massage Oil. As with all of HCG Diet Skincare’s products, the Oil Free Massage Oil contains no absorbable oils and is 100-percent HCG Diet safe.

“The Oil Free Massage Oil has proven to be a fantastic addition to our collection of oil free skin care products. We can now meet therapists’ demands to offer the same high-quality, oil free product to massage therapists that allows them to both participate in the HCG Diet and offer oil free massages to HCG dieters,” says marketing specialist Paige Harper.

The addition of the professional-size Oil Free Massage Oil to the HCG Diet Skincare line broadens the reach of the HCG Diet and further enhances the total-body transformation that is possible with the HCG Diet. Massage is known to help detoxify the body, which is an important element of the HCG Diet. And before now, the giving and receiving of massages had to be avoided because massage products contain absorbable oils that interfere with results.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, developer of the HCG Diet, was eager to stress the importance of avoiding absorbable oils in his publication, Pounds and Inches, “We find that persons who habitually handle organic fats, such as workers in beauty parlors, masseurs, butchers, etc. never show what we consider a satisfactory loss of weight unless they can avoid fat coming into contact with their skin.” It was based on this principle that the entire HCG Diet Oil Free Skincare line was developed. It is important for HCG Dieters, women and men alike, to realize the negative impact absorbable oils can have on their weight loss when participating in the HCG Diet.

In addition to offering oil-free skin-care products, Golden Essence Skincare has been an avid supporter and member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics since 2009. Following the Campaign’s principals and Breast Cancer Awareness Month ideals, the entire HCG Diet Skincare line is free from toxic paraben preservatives and synthetic fragrances, both of which have been linked to breast cancer. Golden Essence feels it is important for consumers to read and understand the Skincare Act of 2011 (H.R. 2359) and read product labels, not only for the purposes of the HCG Diet but for long-term, overall health, as well. This is especially true for products claiming to be organic, natural, botanical, etc. or products known for “pink-washing” (use of the pink ribbon symbol or pink color), as they mislead the public. Many products still contain harmful parabens and other toxic chemicals that should be avoided.

Formulator Beth Golden, Ph.D., N.D., emphasizes that “when using Golden Essence HCG Diet Skincare, you can rest assured that each of the skin-care products has been carefully formulated and crafted with the highest quality ingredients and natural anti-oxidants available on the market today which offers the HCG Dieter products that are actually good for your skin.”

The HCG Diet Skincare product line can be used by men and women, before, during and after the HCG Diet and all products in the line are safe enough for use on children.

The Oil Free Massage Oil may be purchased by massage therapists in single 32-ounce bottles or in quantities of three for even better savings and, for a limited time, qualifies for free shipping. The Massage Oil is also offered in a 5-ounce retail size either individually or as part of the Massage Collection. The entire HCG Diet Skincare line by Golden Essence is available for purchase online at and in medical clinics, medi-spas, specialty salons, massage establishments, massage schools, retail specialty locations, health food stores and chiropractors’ offices offering the HCG Diet throughout the U.S., Canada, Trinidad and Puerto Rico. HCG Diet Skincare also offers an affiliate program and other online sales programs for those in the HCG Diet industry or for individuals looking to supplement their income through the well-known HCG Diet.

About the formulator

Beth Golden, Ph.D., N.D., the HCG Diet Expert™, is the leader in research, education, formulations and manufacturing of HCG Diet Products and is nationally recognized for the success of her many HCG Diet Formulas since 2007. Her passion to help HCG Dieters with effective, safe and natural products led to the development of the HCG Diet approved skin-care line, Golden Essence®, in 2009. She is also the founder of and the educator for the HCG Diet Council.

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