Massage has been shown to reduce headache pain—and a new survey shows that almost all frequent headache sufferers experience headaches while at work.

The National Headache Foundation (NHF)’s recent survey of headache sufferers found that 99 percent of respondents experience headaches while on the job. Respondents say headaches lead to missed days of work, decreased productivity, inability to concentrate, and changes in mood or behavior.

When asked what triggers headaches at work, nearly 70 percent of the respondents attributed their pain to work-related stress. A larger majority also associated bright or florescent lighting, computer glare or eye strain with their headaches.

While half of all survey respondents reported missing anywhere from one to three days of work per month because of their headaches, 66 percent of them do not report their headaches to their supervisors. When asked why, most respondents said they feel their supervisor wouldn’t be sympathetic or accommodating or they don’t want to be labeled as “needy” or “whiny.”

Additionally, 86 percent of respondents said the issue of work-related headaches has never been addressed at their place of employment. Ninety-three percent said that information on work-related headache treatment or prevention is not available through their employer.

Source: The National Headache Foundation