What does all disease have in common? Regardless of the type of disease, the root of the problem is in the body’s electrical system. The body’s voltage, which is another way of looking at low alkalinity or high acidity, is at the basis of every type of disorder in the human body.

A cell is designed to operate at -25 millivolts (mV). When the cell is under some type of distress, the body needs to increase the voltage to -50 mV so healing can take place. Along with the increased voltage, the body also needs the raw materials (proper nutrition) to heal. If your body does not have the energy storehouse necessary to produce healing, the voltage in the cells lessens, and when that happens, the body will become diseased.

The specific type of disease that develops just depends on which energy meridian the voltage shortage occurs. A shortage along the heart meridian can lead to heart disease, while a shortage along the liver meridian can lead to liver disease. If the voltage reaches 30 mV, cancer will develop. Therefore, knowing your levels of voltage, and having a way to increase voltage when necessary, is the key to preventing disease. But how can you know your voltage levels?

Utilizing the technology of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Jerry Tennant teaches health care providers and laypeople how to read voltage levels in the human body, and add voltage where needed with a device called a Biomodulator. This is far beyond a theory with Tennant, as this science personally brought him out of a seven year battle with encephalitis. He is now on a mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

Through the Senergy Medical Group, Tennant teaches classes approximately once a month in the Dallas, Texas, area, where students fly in from all around the world. The Institute of Somatic Therapy has joined forces with Senergy and Tennant to provide continuing education credits for massage therapists who take this course. Alternately, massage therapists can obtain Tennant’s textbook and earn 20 CEUs for home study, without attending the live seminars, through the Institute of Somatic Therapy.

Students study the main two causes of low voltage (hypothyroidism and undetected infections in the body) and how to assess them. Additional topics taught in the course are how to balance the craniosacral system through craniosacral therapy, increase circulation, stimulate the flow of lymph, relax and softens injured and overused muscles, reduce spasms and cramping, increase joint flexibility, improve range of motion, relieve migraine pain and much more. 

To learn more, visit http://senergymedicalgroup.com/ or https://www.massagecredits.com/pages/course_details.php?id=120&cPage=1&SB=17&CAT=12