The network is designed to supplement the firm’s upcoming interactive advice service, where visitors can seek advice on preventative care, home remedies, and other holistic medicine advice from healthcare professionals.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRnine – November 23, 2008) –, a health and wellness blog focusing on holistic and preventative medicine, announced it is beginning work on a global network of health centers areas across various geographical regions to better connect those populations with the best health care centers in their areas. This network will incorporate two of Tandurust’s upcoming services, which are intended to transform the blog into an interactive website where readers may freely seek advice from Tandurust’s panel of experts, either in real-time through a live chat or within 24 hours as an email response. Because both of these services are designed to increase access to professional healthcare advice, to anyone, anywhere, anytime, Tandurust is offering these services at no cost to its readers, and will not require readers to register in order to obtain advice.

“There is a definite demand for these services,” states Mark McCalvit of The company completed a pilot study earlier this year to determine the demand for advice from the blog’s panel of experts, which participants found useful.

The results are encouraging to Tandurust, as the blog aims to improve healthcare through providing information on holistic medicine and preventative care. The company chose this focus as the high cost of healthcare, in addition to the difficulty to securing professional health in certain areas, makes preventative medicine a more effective way of treating illnesses, both in terms of health and finances. Moreover, the blog strives to educate its readership on the causes, symptoms, and risk factors for various ailments in order to improve the effectiveness of self-treatment and diagnosis.

In addition to expanding its services by creating a network of health professional across various geographical locations, Tandurust is adding new tools, including “diaries” to help members keep track of their health. The blog is also expanding the range of topics it covers to include spiritualism, yoga, and self-help, among others. Current topics covered by Tandurust include alternative therapies, children’s health, diabetes, cardiovascular health, massage therapy, natural home remedies, smoking cessation, skin care, weight loss and management, and women’s health, among others.

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