Maiysha “Dr. Life” Clairborne, M.D. (, a beloved health and wellness expert, announced the release of her exclusive audio book recordings to enhance mind, body and spirit, along with her brand new “Renew You” wellness retreats. Her exclusive audio books, titled Live Well For Me, Eat Your Disease Away and Life On Your Terms–7 Steps to a more Empowered You, all focus on different aspects of positive change through balance in 12 main areas of life.

Clairborne has worked as a board-certified family physician for nearly a decade. Today, she focuses her practice in the areas of natural disease management, mind-body connection, weight loss and stress reduction—all of which also come across within her daylong “Renew You ” wellness retreat.

“Many people believe that there is never a way to balance the scales, or that it is impossible to have wellness in every single area of your life”, states Clairborne. “It is quite possible to live stress free and obtain a general balance. Methods on how to do this is exactly what I teach within my new audio books as well as on my targeted retreats”

Clairborne’s new “Renew You” wellness retreat is a hearty dose of wellness education. All that sign up meet with Clairborne and her team to enjoy daylong services, such as massage, reiki energy balancing and yoga/meditation sessions. Also included will be workshops on nutrition and life balance. The “Renew You” retreat is priced at $99 and registrations can be made directly at

Her recordings range in price from $39 to $59 and also range in time from a three-hour downloadable audio to a five-and-a-half hour audio. All recordings have been created with the same trusted and successful methods that have been used by Clairborne while helping her standard clients. Results have been recorded where listeners of the:

  • Live Well for Me recordings have changed their thought process and managed to master the art of setting boundaries in work and intimate relationships. It has helped many to shift their way of thinking to become motivated in obtaining all that they desired out of life.
  • Eat Your Disease Away recordings have effectively taught Clairborne’s clientele about the benefits of transitioning to a healthier diet in order to fight diseases, such as fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches and other inflammatory based conditions.
  • Life on Your Terms: 7 Steps to a More Empowered You recordings takes you deeply into Clairborne’s seven steps to becoming more empowered then ties them neatly together, showing you how they can be integrated simply into your daily life leaving you to live life on your terms.

About MBS Wellness Inc.

Founded by Maiysha “Dr. Life” Clairborne, M.D., in 2007, MBS Wellness is currently headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Clairborne focuses on creating and preserving mental, physical and spiritual balance to promote and maintain optimal health. She uses therapies, such as acupuncture, energy medicine, clinical nutrition and life coaching. Clairborne has been referenced as an expert in many well known media outlets regarding health and wellness topics and also currently airs her own weekly online radio show, “Wellness Dialogues.”